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Rough Draft of the intro to my second book that I am working on….

“Hold the line” The captain screamed in pain as an arrow pierced his shoulder. The captain staggered for a few moments and then fell to his knees. The weight of the battle revealed itself with the pain he felt.

The screams and grunts were heard all throughout the carnage that masked the once green landscape. Groups of men clashing metal against metal and trampling others trying to escape. It was a feat to make it to the enemy without stepping on something or someone.

“Where’s our reinforcements?” The Knight yelled as he dodged an array of arrows that were flung towards the men. “If we can’t hold the line the encampment will be taken and so will the city by sunrise.” He tried to look behind him as he raised his shield to cover most of body. The last thing he needed was an arrow to hit him, he thought, as he saw the captain fending off 2 men while kneeled on the floor. He headed towards the men and one of them noticed and turned to face him.

“Can you bloody just try to stay alive and stop worrying about reinforcements” The old drunkard retorted as he jogged beside him, raising his axe and slamming it on what apeared to be a young man before them. The young man howled in pain, his face now white as he felt the axe being drawn back. Another blow and the young man was silent, falling like a tree just cut down. “When was the last time you had this much fun?”

“You old fool, stop being so reckless” The knight looked on towards the other man still trying to penetrate the captain’s defenses. “Looks like you could use some assistance, Captain.”. With that being said, two quick strokes sent the man towards his own grave.

“I could have handled it” The captain managed to blurt out as he tried to catch his breath. The knight lent him a hand and he got back on his feet. “Bloody children is all that they can send at us. Where do we stand on the reinforcements, Landrix?”

Landrix positioned his shield to cover the volley of arrows he suspected would strike but fell a few feet before them. The young man he just stroke down was hit, letting out a short scream before meeting his demise. “It is one thing after the other. How far will Marcellus go just to bring about the end of the empire?”.

“Landrix!” The captain yelled, snapping him from his thoughts.

“My apologies, Captain Ulrech” Other knights rushed passed them and continued to form what appeared to be an impenetrable wall of bodies. “I was wondering the same thing and was going to look for a messenger boy before we came to your aid.”.

“Well, it seems to be of proper time to look for one now. We need to keep these Corsian pigs from passing these lands, no matter the cost.” Captain Ulrech was good at keeping his thoughts upon a battle and yet he felt his mind wandering to his wife, his small boy back in the capital. “We are not here for games, nor for sport, am I right, Ephai?”.

“Why, of course” The old drunkard bowed towards the captain. It was a few years before the last war that Ephai participated in but it was the thrill of what he called the hunt that quenched his state in life. It was not surprising for the empire to call on aid from those who it deemed their allies. He squeezed his axe and looked on as the battleground around them continued to shake with movement. “But surely, what a great war.”.

All three men turned to face a familiar face. Two of the men gripped their swords and raised it, poised for the attack. The other marvelled at the man in his view, Marcellus, the traitor on a horse in the distance. A sly smile curled on Ephai’s face. Ulrech and Landrix looked at one another as they knew what was about to happen. Their friend, their brother, one who grew up beside them, now a traitor, their enemy. They knew all too well, no mercy would be given, only blood would be shed.

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