I don’t believe in imagery.
Wait, I can explain.
It’s not the weight gained as words become drained.
Flooding out through tones, dancing to reach your senses.
Grabbing you in a merry go round of emotions.
Locked hand in hand as if our hearts connected, reaching understanding.
My soul is my own, though it is filled with words.
Creating thoughts that plague me so, in turn, I look for a remedy.
Concoctions cooked as hours reveal my hunger.
Finding once again the perfect meal, savoring the taste of such sweet poetry.
Breathing in the essence as it allows my mind to drift to fields of flowers.
You see, there’s a perfectly good explanation.
My mind is just a tongue twisted imagination.
Filled with eloquent fantasy and tales.
Though I find the words so hard to bring to picture.
Hands brushing against surfaces trying to find the tones.
So you could say it isn’t necessarily that I don’t believe, I just cannot show.
I wonder, does imagery believe in me?

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