Evil Intent

I remember reading or being addressed what is evil. The question in itself perplexing. Coming from it, embracing the darkness before, I know it all too well. The problem of evil is we believe it to be a thing. Yet evil is the absence of good. You can have good without evil but not evil without good. There’s two types: moral and natural. Moral being one of intention and choice to do bad, be malevolent, but this requires a moral standard,what then is good? Natural, not a result of intentional but a by product of the fall, introduction to life outside of paradise, Eden. Where laws and biology of nature have adjusted to accept and assume our wicked state. If an all good God created a world, with no freedom, no morals, would it be considered good? Is not lack of choice seen as evil intent, a tyrant? Yet choice was embedded, evil was a possibility but does not mean he is the author of evil, evil is not a thing. Evil will forever be our choice. The elites and governments creating wars, famine, sickness all with an agenda. And just by this interpretation, without God, good, we are evil, no matter the standard of the world’s because it has been founded within evil, the world has made its choice.

We’re the Problem

I will not be that Christian you encounter that appears to be encompassed by a “myth”. I’m sorry to disappoint. I will not simply come up with the statement, “God works in mysterious ways” when evil occurs, to defend the reasoning. Let us clarify some things. For you to declare something to be evil, you must first understand what is good. To do so or claim there is no such thing as absolutes, or absolute moral compass, you yourself are creating a self defeating statement, because your answer is stated as if it itself is an absolute. 

In your mind, things are relative, so then what if what you perceive as evil, some perceive as good? There in lies the kicker. But to expand, evil can be explained from 3 things, I’ve found: 1. Naturalistic Evil (storms that may have killed someone due to temperature changes, atmosphere, conditions, any natural cause that caused havok, or even by our biology reaching its climax.) 2. Human-based (murder, rape, and etc that one sees or determines as hurting another) 3. Spiritual (forces beyond our control, demonic that influence). 

Now like I’ve said, I get the excuse all the time, I cannot believe in God if he allows evil. But then I can ask, why should I believe in you, if you do so as well? There is poverty in the streets, those in power we allow who are corrupt, and all you do is simply point the finger while you sit comfortably, but you say, as long as it doesn’t affect me right? Well isn’t it our world? If one man causes a war that leads to your sons death or major changes to the environment, what then? It is evil because it is against your benefit? 

Understand something, we make our own choices. That is why we are not robots. Sure we could have been just mindless drones but for what purpose? People say, I can’t believe in a God who allows evil. And I will answer, he does not. All will be judged in the end. People then get mad and try to control God, if he’s all powerful and he knew what we were going to do, why did he allow it? Listen, God doesn’t put anything or anyone over himself. Yet he loved us so much he allowed us to have our own choices and grow, but also guided us, showing us the right way, we have simply rebelled and tried to create a way of life without him. Though he revealed himself, throughout time, man was to concerned in what he could do, or influenced to believe he was greater. I’m not here to undermine anyone, all I’m saying is the problem is much more than debating about good and evil, it is more so, who we are and what is our purpose. 

I can go back and forth, all day talking about matters of the faith, historically, scientifically, and etc, showing the evidence. But when it all comes down to it, it is a matter of the heart. Just know that no matter what the Gospel is as so, we are all sinners, we fall short because we have broken the laws, what is good, turning to evil, and there is nothing we can do, nothing. Yet God, rich in mercy, grace, came down, in the form of a man, taking such a lowly form, revealing himself, teaching us, and in turn taking upon himself, all our sins, died. Yes, died. But rose again to reveal his power over death, so that in he who believes in him, shall find life. That they may put away their old ways, repent, and live for him and no longer ourselves, loving one another and being pure, holy. Being made to the image of he who was without sin. This is the Gospel, and some might ignore this, unfollow, unfriend, depending on where you read this, but just know, seriously take the time and research, meditate on the things you find. Don’t mindlessly pursue or believe because someone has a title or status, to be liked, or etc. 

The cost of following Christ is everything, you will lose friends, family, jobs, and maybe even your own life, but guess what? Christ is still more than enough, he is all. This is Gee_ology, once again telling you, be blessed. Boom, let’s go!!

Speaking through Silence

It is not that I remain quiet on certain issues or that I become silent. The reality is, that we have created a culture, a society that wants or desires a need to be accepted, tolerated, but rejects any sense of validity that comes in opposition with their views. We have become lovers of self, to such extremities, that preference based on what we grow to believe, “supersedes” the reality or nature of our existence. Man has rejected absolutes but claims his own view to be that of its own, though is relative. So if I was to voice truth, it is taken as insensitive, offensive and counter cultural. And when it is a matter of opinion, ignored or seen as foolish. We’ve been so entertained with notions of being accepted that we’ve rejected sound teaching and have painted our own image of what is good or even who is God, or even, there is no God. In such a display, those who stand by justice, truth, and reason, will be persecuted not because we speak in a bold manner apart from the majority, but because we uphold the foundations in which the many have departed from. In this manner, I now “watch” what I say, not to be tolerant, but in what I say, it may begin to pierce the notions and ideology that have replaced what is rooted in our hearts. And in such a case, I walk a path that many few dream, for in it, one finds not the fruit of success but of death, for it is against all that the world now stands for, truth.

Alive in Christ

Are we not called to put to death our old ways? Or have we forgotten that Christ died so we can be saved? Salvation is by grace through faith. But understand we die daily, in repentance, we put to death and live lives obedient to our God. In so doing, we live to attain godliness, be image bearers of Christ. It is not that we attain to be Gods, no, it is in knowing that because our God is holy, we strive to be. We are no longer follow the patterns of this world and instead look to what is pure. It is in this understanding that many have strayed from. Just because you may believe in God or recited a prayer, does not mean you are saved. To die to self, put on the armor, repent and live for Christ. For as we were dead in our sins we are made alive by and through Christ. The Spirit working within us and leading us to do the will of the Father. 

As these words are written, it speaks and is taught once again to the wavering ears, conviction stirring and forcing myself to analyze my own life. And as the world continues to persecute and move away, being lovers of themselves, I follow the commandments, to love God and my neighbor. To love unconditionally. Revealing I was born again to a new life, that which is for Christ Jesus. And as the world believes it all to be a myth and fairy tale, let me bear witness as those in the past. With boldness revealing the truth and with humility helping those in need. Let his kingdom come and his will be done.

Post It

You might think it’s ranting, trying to get people’s attention, even believe I’m the same as before or whatever. I don’t have to prove who I am now or how I’ve changed. I talk about real issues, have common sense, take the time to research, spread truth, encourage others, speak honestly now and reveal what is hidden. You can unfollow me or ignore me all you want. I’m not here to make anyone comfortable or to be liked. Yes, I preach Christ, I talk about the occult, the bible, science, my distaste of religion and how I am “awake”, I am a bible believing Christian adhering to reformed theology, I may even talk about my writing, jokes and etc. People need to see I’m a man, we fall and rise, my life is as a witness to God and a testimony. I’ve been through some real, life changing, things/events. I’m not trying to “trick” nor persuade people, I speak to inspire change that I’ve seen is truth and works. I will not excuse myself nor what I say. If I’m wrong, correct me, but if found right, then let us come together and rejoice to spread to others. This is my purpose and calling, to help others see the light and be a voice. – Gee_ology

Special Days?

So a lady tells me “God bless, Happy Easter” as she was picking up her item. Now before I give my two cents, people know I don’t do holidays, sure I can associate as a respect but I don’t believe any day to be greater than the rest. There is a misconception people have with Easter. It is good Christians recognize the resurrection of our Lord and savior, but thing is, it’s not Christian at all. We’ve adopted pagan customs and because of the Catholic church, morphed a day used to celebrate pagan practices, worship of Ishtar and Nimrod to Jesus. 

Now, in regards to what Paul taught, some will consider some days holier than others (Rom. 14:5) while in essence, there will be thise who consider everyday the same. Now as well, Paul mentioned how some would return to viewing certain days and falling into religious servitude though we’ve been rescued from religious bondage. (Gal. 4:10). 

So then where does it all fall? We’ve been raised to follow teachings in church that don’t talk abojt such matters, from Halloween to Christmas and etc. Now before people who are Christian give their own opinions, I am not a Jehovah’s Witness or Mormon and etc. I abide to scripture and also what Church history has revealed. It is wise to truly look at our faith and test, be of sound reason as Paul described. What we preach is truth and can be found so. Testing the faith and coming from being an atheist and one who dwelled in the occult. 

If you find it in your conscious to celebrate, do so for the Lord, I respect that, but don’t keep pushing pagan customs and traditions and saying it is of Jesus such as egg hunts and etc on the same day. If you want clarification or “proof” I can explain in further detail, I dont need “one” day to remember the Passover and etc. Each day is of God and everything I do let it be for his glory and if I falter, may the Spirit rejuvenate me. Be Blessed.