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Artistic Future

I’m an artist. Call the press and inform them of a future where we will see the next great. All jokes aside, I am indeed an artist. I pride myself in saying I am an artist and one that constantly is learning and growing in the craft. I’ve been drawing, painting, and writing ever since

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Vibrant words echoing to catch shimmering eyes. Trace these lines of characters illustrated by a wandering mind. Quivering lips to give sound to such gentle touch with swift strokes. Parting letters from spaces drawn as sentences give sense in prisons bars. Star met. Held in palms. Mystery arising. Life disclosed. Beginning to plot and reach

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Loving love

Times are certainly changing. Looking back at these last few days, I’ve seen such an array of emotions and thoughts swirling in this head of mine. I’ve come to truly ask myself the fundamental questions of what makes life. Now, some can be “smart” with me and just say that life is made by 2

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