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Letters to You

We sit and reminisce, controlled by emotions. Looking for the perfect songs to describe and define these times. Instead of changing who we are and moving forward. Doesn’t mean we’ve moved on, just means we learn our worth. Though we try to stay close, distance is the prescription. You’re my addiction but you are not

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Be bold.

My faith does not summarize or determine my level of intelligence. My faith determines my perception of reality based on my experiences and truth revealed. Just as a piece of paper or years in a school doesn’t reveal my understanding of a certain subject. I’ve met and debated countless of people in various fields and

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Loving Blind

Love is broke, love is poor, love is rich, love helps fix. Truth is love so you can keep the distance. Twisted perceptions with possession of positions. Find the difference between infatuations depiction. I know things ain’t right when what’s left is a broken heart. Amongst the stars striking me with art. Canvas of planets

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