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Just Stand

We have all heard this saying before, “stand out”. As an artist, I have discovered that from every corner of the globe, people keep saying to build your brand, your voice, your signature, to allow your legacy to be defined by what you bring to the table. This is in part true but what I have also learned is that it can limit you.

We are all trying to find our identity in this world. We see a style and try to adapt to it, try to be a part of the culture or whatever is around you. Just because of something influencing you doesn’t necessarily mean you will adopt it. We are ” finding” ourselves. This being said, we are not subjected to “stand out”. Let’s all face it right here, now, each one of us will not be rich, get a million dollar book deal, be recognized in the blogger’s hall of fame, and etc. Some people are needed to be that happy garbage man or delivery guy and in reality, the world is a moving body of people, a collective.

I’m an artist, specifically a writer, poet, and your average day human being. I have cravings, desires, and etc but will all of them be met in my lifespan, probably not. Yet I will not let that phase me. I will continue to write because it is something I love and I will paint because it is something that I feel helps me express what I feel or think. Some people won’t gravitate to what I like or even what I do and guess what? That’s fine with me. I understand though that the way I perceive things or convey something will always be different. 2 people can come up with the same idea but it will never be the same story or concept (unless plagiarized of course).

The reason I am writing this post is that I feel like people lose a sense of creativity or they force something that shouldn’t be forced. Just write the story you wish to write or paint the painting you want to wait, sing the songs you want to sing.

Overcoming and Moving Forward

The sounds of the keys being pressed down give me sudden chills. The last time I wrote on an actual keyboard that wasn’t on my phone or searching for something on google, I can’t even recall. Let’s lay down everything on the table, I’m at an impasse. It isn’t quite that hard to see what is causing it all but it has surely happened, I seem to move but going nowhere.

You spend hours a day trying to wrap your head around what to write, I know I do. I would create a new piece of art and become inspired to write a poem and then I create a new entry, which I post here on my blog. My blog. It has actually been quite some time where I let my mind blossom and allow it to speak for itself apart from poetry. I am not saying that writing poetry has been my obstacle but I remember when I first started this blog. One day you wake up and notice that so much has happened in your life and you are where you never pictured yourself.

I am not in any rush, I know that now. Though the years haven’t been as kind to me in some regards, I’ve learned quite a bit in passing years. Some people may have followed me from the jump and continue to do so, others follow me and wonder what words will come to fruition. I held to a false identity by trying to hide who I was or what I could fully do, I was my biggest obstacle, always have been. I decided to drop what I perceived to be my pen name, Lucius Alexander Wulfe, it had a nice ring to it but I know that I am my own person, I am a writer.

A name can mean so much. I don’t want to be remembered for someone that had another identity or even in some regard marked by being someone that seemed like I was trying to be someone else. Let’s face it, I may not be bringing in thousands to my pages and I am not the well-skilled writer to have millions flock to my works, but I never give up. I have been writing for about 2 solid years now, I’ve seen this blog grow and I have seemed to have some grasp on my voice or style. I write as if everything was meant to be interpreted as poetry, it is quite hard to describe but I know that this is who I am.

This all comes down to what I am trying to convey, life gets tough but ultimately it is our choice. You could throw in the towel and give up or you could keep pushing. I rather keep pushing.

I’m a writer. I blog. I write poetry. I create abstract art.

I may never be famous and nor do I wish to be. Like I told my girlfriend, I rather leave a legacy behind which is to truly inspire people in some way by using the gifts and skills that I have been given as well as what I have poured, trained, and ultimately master. So check out my work, spread my name around if it helps you, comment, share, tell people that they are not alone. I create art be it any way that I can and anyway I love because I simply do not do it for the fame or to get it, but to truly touch hearts, if I gain a living doing what I love, then I rejoice, but if not, then know I hope I get rich by sharing the riches I have now, my mindset, my knowledge, my art. Much love to all out there, stay blessed. Geo out.

Keep Going!

You wake up, get dressed and go on to your 9 to 5, maybe school first and then an overnight shift, second job, etc. The cycle becomes a bad nightmare, a reoccurring nightmare you wish to escape from. Maybe you will continue to buy those lottery tickets, scratch offs, and hit it big. Maybe you will get a call that a wealthy family member passed away and you inherited a fortune. Maybe but then again, more than likely, not.

I remember when I first began my blog, 24 years old with no clue. The writing was the passion and my sole purpose. Every single day I wrote elaborate stories, articles, and etc just to become recognized, have an audience. Almost 2 years since I first started calling myself a writer. A good portion of my life invested in jobs I am grateful to have had to help me pay expenses but for the most part, despised due to the nature of them. I grew to be someone I swore I would never become.

We have all had big dreams, some bigger than others, yet now as I watch the world unfold I’ve begun to truly see the benefits of never giving up.

I remember someone once told me that life was not meant for the dreamers but those who make things happen. It’s funny hearing or reading how successful people tell you how to become successful. Something we forget to consider is that people are different. A circumstance or opportunity will present itself only to one individual to help them realize who they are. Am I shutting down peoples dreams? By no means. I am merely trying to wake some people up from the delusion you see on Instagram, Facebook, and youtube with those motivational speakers telling you “how” to do things or why instead of reinforcing themselves and allow people to learn and grow for themselves. Sounds odd doesn’t it, here I am telling people to keep pushing and going at times but the reality is that you won’t listen to me unless you believe it yourself.

I’m an artist trying to get my name out there. A writer with no brand other than this blog and my art. I’ve been breaking the limitations I once had and am pushing myself past what I thought possible. I am painting abstract now, perfecting my poetry and sharpening my skills as a writer. Now, of course, I have much to learn but I still keep going because I know that I love writing and growing.

I may not be the next Shakespeare, da Vinci and etc but I am who I am and my name means more to me than anyone can judge me for. I don’t do what I do for an audience but because I love to do it. I know my value and if others recognize and support me for it then, by all means, I appreciate it all and will support them as well.

This may have been longer but this had to be written. I’ve seen a world ravaged by anxiety and depression, even within myself. But I keep going and I also present to others to do the same. Life was not made to try to reach to a point at all times but to truly find who you are, accept it, share it with others, and love, truly love. I believe this is the ultimate form of success, not what you can gain from the world but what you can give to it. This is Geeology just sharing another message. Much love and be blessed all.


The minutes stretch to hours as I sit and write this article. My mind is in a constant flux of an internal war raged inside. Opposing sides meeting to find its core rooted and defined by the individuals take on the matter presented. Traditional vs. Digital.

I’ve learned and allowed myself to grow as an artist. From drawing as a kid in his sketchbook and writing in a notepad, to who I am now as a writer/artist. From the passing years, I have turned to a digital artist. My art is created by the strokes of a stylus or a mouse, my words were written through by the keys pressed down in the early mornings.

I have seen many men and women debate over the nature of what can be considered art. Some will agree that art is defined by the creator and not just the audience. Some debate and state that it must follow certain criteria. I am an abstract artist, poet, and writer but like I’ve stated, is using the medium of a digital nature.

I’ve been trying to let my abilities and gifts spread to the world. Hours upon hours spent pouring out emotions and thoughts on a screen. People telling me to change my format because it doesn’t or won’t sell as much as what is seen nowadays. That my work will never be placed in a museum.

Abstract art in its own standing isn’t as popular as some claim it to be and even so holding a digital format is even regarded as a joke sometimes. Yet here I am, with a blog filled with poetry and my art. On sites like Threadless, redbubble, and Etsy to sell my art and using this blog to share my art and words.

It has been a difficult journey and taxing but j have grown tremendously as a writer and as an artist. I’ve truly learned what so many few acknowledge by saying that art is created to satisfy the expression of the artist not to satisfy an audience. Yet as well I know that the audience must feel what it is you are trying to convey or articulate. So then I present this to all, it is a matter of perspective.

Art is here to help us fuel our soul. It is to bring passion and to help us speak in ways that only our hearts can communicate with others. No matter what form or medium you use, keep at it. Though I may use even my phone, as I am doing now to write, it does not mean that I value one form over the other, I just am better suited to one form.

Take a new outlook and truly see art for what it is, the truest thoughts and emotions that flow from our souls. Be blessed all and learn to see the whole picture, broaden your horizons and see the whole perspective.

Love Is Now

If I knew I could love you til infinity, I shall do so and beyond.

Stretching past the stars.

It is not unknown.

You are as the sun.

Shining ever so brightly as I orbit in exploration.

Drawn by space and met by the canvas portraying beauty.

The world’s of your mind.

Umatched and soothing light casting rays.

The outpouring of love felt and keeping me ablaze.

Burning waves met with passionate embrace.

A love that stretches time and space and is met.

Ever so present, without a doubt, love is now.

By the Fire

Burn me into nothingness and reshape me anew.
Lights of the past brings warmth to my soul.
Flickering sparks fueled by ember.
The calming fire rages with each breath.
Inner flame or outer star, guide my way.
Recite to me the stories of yesterday and allow me to see tomorrow.
I sit by the fire.

Quenching the Fire

How long has it been? A month? Two months? When was the last time I wrote a post? I don’t really remember but here I am, alive and well.

My blog has shifted more so to being able to write my poetry. It seems that I have slowly found myself drifting to poetry and abstract art these past few months. For those who may have followed me due to how I was before, I apologize. I am not saying I will strictly reserve my blog now to those two forms of art, I am just saying that I love to do them more. I will still come on from time to time and encourage everyone depending on time and experiences I face.

One thing I have felt myself compelled to relay is the reason I do art. Some call it expression, giving life to thoughts and emotions, for me it has to do with being able to quench the fire I have inside.

We’ve all heard the saying, “If there is something you dream about, chase after it.”. For me, writing is an essential part of my soul, who I am. Stretch back to little, young me and see that a massive part of my life revolved around writing, art in general.

I needed an outlet, a way to express myself, this is true. I also understood that if I didn’t create or allow myself to flow with words or color, I felt like I was missing something.

I was fortune enough to attend megacon once again and I sat amongst other writers for a panel/workshop. The whole feel of being around like minded people fuels my inspiration and allows me some motivation to keep going. I am not a well known author, let’s face the facts or even a known blogger. But all of this does not stop me from continuing my path as a writer. I feel like the fires within my heart are only quenched when I do what I love, writing, poetry, and art such as abstract.

So then I come to everyone as one artist to another. Keep going. This seems to be my slogan now. I tell my girlfriend this all the time when I see her work. Don’t think about the what ifs or becoming the next big thing, just do what you love and keep going. You can push in long hours and see your dreams being accomplished 20 years from now. Keep focused and keep going, quench the fire.

Looking Glass

I’m not that difficult to figure out. To some, it would seem that I am a walking paradox. What can truly be drawn from me just by an encounter? Most people think I am serious or reserved, quiet. It is true that I don’t really engage people as often as it would seem. I do work at a customer service based retail store, yet I could be classified as an introvert, though I’m an ambivert. All of this being written, it brings me once again to truly analyze who I am as an individual.

We are our biggest and harshest judges. My life was never sunshine, rainbows, and puppy dogs-though I did have a couple of puppies. This is all the case with me recently. I have been contemplating where I am now. Indo not regret my choices because it has allowed me to grow and meet certain people. What I do know is that my life could be better than what it is now.

We all look through a looking glass and ask the simple questions of life. We truly don’t see or recognize our worth as individuals, unless it is acknowledged by others. In this day and age we have a twisted notion that social media validates who we are. Which in all honesty is completely worthless, social media highlights that is. Who you are can only truly be seen by those around you physically as well as yourself. Whatever image you wish to portray on anything else, especially digitally, will only hold the weight of vanity. Though in some forms it can be percieved as reality, because of the fruits being visibly seen by others but it can only truly be validated by yourself. In the end, you know the truth and if you live a lie, yojr life would seem empty and void and seek the validation elsewhere.

I have learned to appreciate who I have become and though I can look at the looking glass and ask questions, I know I can change what I see. This should all be the case for the world we now face, when we look away from the looking glass and out to the world. Know who you are and what you see. What is reflected in the eyes of others is not what is reflected in your own.

Into the Storm

Clouded hues masked in light. Nights surrounded within an ominous sight. Ripples across space and time. Upon a dream of oceans, riding tides. Echos seen as tales of an epic voyage sought. The darkened horizon casts its shadows. Reflection moving unclear and blurred. Wavering weather wrestling whispers, whistling wishes watered with windy waves. Sailing through, bound to what is beyond, Into the storm.