Be You

There is beauty in just being. We often forget this statement. We spend our waking lives trying to be someone or reach something. Since birth we are told we must grow to become someone. Yet we don’t all quite know who that someone is, do we?

When was the last time you looked at yourself and thought about hos unique you are? Maybe you are past your teenage years and just are quick to point put a “flaw”. We can be asked, “What do you love about yourself?”, but will our answers be as much if the question was turned to, “what don’t you like about yourself?”. 

I remember reading some where, in an article I believe, where someone was asked what they love about life. This person stated her family, friends, pets, jobs, school, even memories and when asked if she loved herself, she then realized she forgot on of the most important people, her.

Now, I’m usually that guy that discusses how being egocentric caused more harm than good, which is try, but to truly love yourself, without allowing pride to be the root of this love, it is beneficial. When you learn to love others as you love yourself, treat them as you would like to be treated, you begin to experience a whole new world. 

So I suggest this, as one who had to learn from being completely broken and finding a healthy way to love who I was, take some time for you. People may find it weird but I truly suggest going on a date with yourself, finding what you like and also enjoying being by yourself. The more you know who you are, the better you can interact with others as well as love, because you know your value as well.

It is no lie in stating that you are beautiful, each person is unique. Learn to become comfortable with who you are. It is easy to follow a standard the world states and lose yourself, but don’t let it define you. Each person is set apart to complete his own path towards the same destination in life. So learn to just be, be you.

Wandering Heart

​”Share with me the tale of the traveling man again, Grandad.” The young boy pleaded with open eyes, widened in wait, with interest.

“Again?” The old man chuckled as he lifted the blanket over the boy. Stopping before the boy’s head was underneath, he sat beside him. The old man looked into the fire and back at the boy. The fire lit in the small chimney just across from them, just a few feet away. The cabin barely 10 to 12 feet wide in a perfect square. A leather couch in the center, turned, facing the chimney and the small kitchen beside the chimney to the right. The bed just against the wall beside a window and the wooden door that led to the outside, at the edge of the bed frame. “After this you have to promise me you will go to sleep, ok? 

“Yes, I promise!” the young boy’s eyes twinkled from the crackling fires light in the cabin. The small setting was warm, filled with memories hung on walls and resting upon various places. The fire creating an orange tone that basked the cabin. Shadows fluttering with the swaying flames creating a dance that was mesmerizing. 

“Now listen carefully as this story is told, for many say it is a parable of one who wandered but was not lost.” the old man leaned a bit closer to the boy, making sure he was fully covered. 

After hugging his own body he continued, “there once was a man who knew not the way he would go. Though he knew of a home before, he needed directions to reach the place of the unknown. Leaving his village in search. No one knew how to get there but many he passed were from there. The man would contemplate, ‘How can this be?, he would tell himself, yet he would continue in this voyage. The man encountered a wolf one day, before reaching for his knife, the wolf bowed politely. The wolf led him to a stream where he gathered fresh water and something to eat. As he finished eating, he asked the wolf if he could lead him out of the forest he was in. The wolf just asked for one thing in return, to love. After the wolf led him a great distance, they parted. The man was then exhausted one day and met a bird. The bird boasted about seeing the heaven’s and the place she had seen. The man was envious of the bird’s wings and eyes. The bird told him she would let him see what she saw but only if he gave her his eyes. He didn’t understand of course but complied. Awakening the next day blind and cursing the bird. The man continued on for many days and nights, stumbling along the way, though he had a walking stick to help him along his path. Without his knowing, he had entered a cave along his way. The cave was home to a dragon. The dragon asked the man where he was going. The man replied that he was in search of the unknown where home was more than a word. The dragon scratched his chin, though the man couldnt see the Dragon. The dragon looked at the man’s walking stick and bag, saying, ‘I will take you to this place, in return, give me all your riches and what you have.’. The man was starting to have hope, after all this time, he thought. He said of course and reached out, holding his bag. The dragon huffed and puffed, filling the cave with smoke, ‘I do not want your mere items, for haven’t you heard, dragon’s only desire true treasure’ tapping the man’s chest. The man felt his beating chest, grabbed his shirt and shouted, ‘I cannot and will never ‘. The dragon was shocked at first, ‘My what a golden heart you have indeed.’. The dragon laughed and started to rise in the cave. The man felt the trembling ground beneath him. The dragon launched himself out the cave with the man and they soared through the sky. In what appeared to be a few hours the man began to see before him. His eyes adjusted to his surroundings once more, to his surprise, he was at the village. He was on the ground, beside the dragon. He had forgotten to hold tightly to his bag and stick. The dragon looked down at him. The man felt his heart in his chest, relieved. He waved as the dragon flew away moments later. He looked around the village, the children running and playing, his neighbors smiling and talking to one another, the air filled with scents of flour. He felt the wind brush against his skin, turning to face the sun basking his skin he smiled, saying ‘I’ve made it’.”

The old man looked at the boy who was now asleep. He slowly got up and moved to the couch. Sitting beside the fire he yawned and closed his eyes, whispering, “Such was his tale, he who followed his heart…” and fell to sleep.

Writing My Story

I can remember the words spoken to me by my 11th grade English teacher, “You have such a potential…keep writing.”. I never knew those words would burn into my soul in those quiet nights where I truly felt alone. 

I’ve spoken before how writing has changed me. Countless hours sitting in front of a screen pouring my soul out. I never understood why or how writer’s managed to feel such connection with their characters til now. Why every story felt so real or how you would cry by emotions, script, plays. Every word was and is a piece of them, each stroke of the keys or pen, blood or parts of their soul.

It is mind boggling to me how much I’ve grown as a writer as well. It will be a year in a few weeks since I radically changed my life. I remember starting this blog and thinking, this will be fun, people will read and get to understand me. Granted, I don’t really know how to run one but I just write and share my ideas, life, poetry, stories and ultimately about God.

It is a continuous journey for me. I love writing and coming to terms with it being a career choice is enlightening. Writing has helped escape and truly embrace what I’m going through. This is more so just sharing my thoughts about it. They say a writer’s life is lonely and I can see that happen. 

As well, I like to thank anyone who will read this. I may get busy at times and disappear for a week but I will not let anything else stop me from pursuing my goals as a writer. To those who have read my ramblings of my ex, my puns, my mind at work, Thank you. Continue to watch me grow. Be blessed.


I would sit as if I was seeing a play. 

Letting memories reveal the scenes with actors reciting lines of times that have passed. 

Visions spun in movement of what you believe tomorrow shall hold. 

Let me see your naked heart. 

Visible and clear, pumping in rhythm to beats of melodies I find soothing. 

Echoing the thoughts of what I considered hollow halls of people buried temples long forgotten. 

Yet I could hear the church bells ring and come to service by your words and soul. 

Show me your heart and I shall show you my own. 

From an empty casket to the one on the throne bringing me to sit in wonder of your own. 

Let me see the plans and foundations. 

And see why I call you home.

Forget Tomorrow, Let Today

You do not know what tomorrow will hold. 
I remember when I was 4, with the whole world before me. People asked me what I wanted to be when I grew up, I responded, “a pilot”. I remember when I was 17, people asked me what I would study now that I graduated, I responded, “design or animation”. 

I remember all the relationships and people I was involved in. I remember promises spoken but I didn’t know it was going to be empty or temporary. People would eventually give up on me or my pride would have me become the villain. 

I’m writing all of this to help you guys understand. You don’t know what will happen in 1 or 5 years. I thought I met the “one” but just as we are told and led to believe a fantasy, love is more than words or promises that we cannot be certain about. 

Even now, in this moment, all I can be certain of is this moment, the present. So I will love with my all and say I uphold to today. I will not promise the future but I will fight and promise the present. I will fight and continue in this race, knowing God is my focus and everything else is vain but will be a blessing if bestowed and founded in him. I will love who I am now, go on walks, cherish the moments with friends, love again but not “fall” but be risen in love, to grow beside someone. 

I did not know I was going to be as I am today but today I know that the future is its own and I know who I want to be today. A man of God, a friend, a brother, a soldier, a Writer, a son, embedded with honesty, truth, humility, hope, counsel, wisdom, and above all love. 

I will not let words dictate my actions but let my actions be described by words once the story is recou nted by what is seen. You may have known me for who I was but find me in who I am, I am not the same. Let these words create a stirring within yourself to move forward and project your true image and stop living caught in depressio or anxious of what is to come. 

My life is filled and finds joy in God, regardless of the opinions of others. I’ve seen and walked through my own hell. In being broken and restored to bear his image, let me truly be the light which he spoke about, placed on a hill, the salt of the Earth, a prince made king. Let me live and not just exist. I am here now. 

I am Gee_ology

​Life has a funny way of completely showing you it’s intricate, beautiful nature. I got to see that after such a long period of time. Some of you who follow me know just by my writing style that I’ve been going through some stuff. I would speak about the changes we need to make or how to be encouraged to do things in life to truly live and not just exist. It came back to me, the reason why I decided to start this blog. 

Sure, I can write short stories or even poems and post them, I could even write eloquent words so that my articles or posts will be liked. I could throw in an ad here and there, build it in such a way that I get money through this and get the title of “blogger”. Having thousands pour in and read my work or words, finding about my adventures. And in the end of the day, for what? 

You see, don’t get me wrong, I love looking into sites and being motivated, reading about others. Granted I have 3 jobs, full time manager, podcast, and my free lancing, plus school. I should honestly apologize to those who follow me on here and have their own blogs and I don’t support them as much, but trust me I appreciate you guys and will put in the effort. What I’m saying in retrospect is, I want to help and motivate people regardless of my outcome, and income. 

I have said it before starting out, I would love to have a career eventually as a writer. I haven’t gone to school, majoring in English nor journalism. I am currently taking classes and pursuing my biblical studies via online. I am mostly self taught, of course school through out the years and workshops I would attend. But my focus is not what I can make out of it but what I truly have to share to the world. If I get paid a d can support myself doing what I love, fantastic, my value is shown and of course I know it as well. 

Geeology in essence is who I am and my perception/study of life. To help others look at it and see that through all my experiences you could avoid some of the mistakes I made as well as be encouraged by someone who is also still trying to go through life. I will touch upon aspects of God and theology because I am Christian. As well, I will occasionally post a poem, my short stories I am now collecting and writing under my other blog or site, which will eventually have its own domain as well. 

I hit a bump but that doesnt mean I stopped, I still will put out words on paper. Writing is my passion and also my escape. I love to write. And for those who stick by me and follow me, feel free to ask questions or suggest something you want to know even or even ideas for stories. Maybe I will talk about the three books I’m working on currently. I’m not just some guy wanting follows, likes, or people to bookmark my site, though I would honestly love to, I also would love for you guys and gals to learn. I’m human just like you. I’m Gee_ology, you can call me gee or Lucius or even Wulfe. Love you all and be blessed. Gee_ology out, boom, let’s go!

No Excuses

​Busy, always busy. The excuses pile up, creating a wall that I learn to lean on whenever someone is trying to gain entrance. I remember I would repeatedly hate the idea of being “busy”. The reality is I’ve adjusted to such a notion with no real basis or reliable schedule.

I’m one to say I like having control, believe me, I do. Even with my OCD and with the amount of things I have “piled” up, I could hear the quote spoken to me once again that I read on Tumblr: “No one is truly busy, we make time for what we truly prioritize or love.”. We make time, I look strictly at my supposed schedule with new eyes. 8 a.m. get up and get ready for work. From then on I work til 5:30 p.m. Drive is typically an hour to and back. I get home and literally just write, though as of late it is more so poems or encouraging words on social media. I’ve taken a break again from schoolwork to find myself. Then I sleep at 2-3 a.m. and repeat with schedules shifting depending if I close. Podcast, school, writing and work.

I used to create series of articles in my head but more so, as of late, I just write whatever comes to mind. I will admit I feel “off” as of late. I’ve noticed that I’ve been making up too many excuses yet expect different results and that’s not good. I remember writing about how tired I felt, it seems to continue to the state I am now. That man who spoke with such a drive, now look at him.

Yet, it is in knowing something is wrong now that I know I need to change. It is just like those moments I speak about constantly. One day you notice something is wrong and you change. The reality or lesson I’m learning now is that life wasn’t truly meant to be routine. We live our lives now based on schedules instead of what allows us to truly live. I love to write and really would love for others to read the books I’m working on, finally complete them and get them read. I would love to finish school to finally say, Father, thank you for allowing me to finish. 

God has been opening a lot of doors and guiding me to do his will, now I need to stop giving excuses and do it. Everything comes at its own time, this is true, but the thing is, you will never truly be ready. The moment you are waiting for will always be now. With a discerning heart and a wise mind, you could step into life and in turn run the race. Progress comes from hard work and application. Such it is that I will throw away my own notions of time in the sense that I believe I have any sort of control. Instead I will use my time wisely and ensure I use it for the things that our beneficial for me, do the will of my Father, and be around those I love. It is okay to take breaks at times but also don’t let it consume or distract you. 

There are no more excuses. I shall live and love, letting who my Father is shaping me, to shine in this world. For as there’s time for everything so there is as well motivation to let time itself not master you, all shall fade in the end. My reach shall not be in what is temporary but to what is eternal and in this venture I know that God is allowing me to be present and truly cherish each moment.