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Cold Season

The cold night echoed and caught my embrace which was met with a shiver. The air before we seemed to become masked by the air released from my being. Silence never felt so welcoming, though the rustling of the trees brushed through each other. A serenade of the darkness which was dimly seen by the

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Loving love

Times are certainly changing. Looking back at these last few days, I’ve seen such an array of emotions and thoughts swirling in this head of mine. I’ve come to truly ask myself the fundamental questions of what makes life. Now, some can be “smart” with me and just say that life is made by 2

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The Choice is Yours.

Swinging on by! Hello again, it’s me, Gee_ology. To everyone’s surprise I am still alive, hahaha. Now, apart from the jokes, let me properly introduce and welcome you the reader. It may come as a surprise still that I have written after about 10 days of nothing. Let me just state that I’ve been busy

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