Category: personal

The Escape

Escape from these pages O words of sorrow and joy. Memories spun into letters compiled to give meaning to those lost or finding understanding. An author of emotions made to publish my own heart and mind. Thoughts struck by pen or keys to unlock what I’ve met with an empty canvas giving form. The soul

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Good Morning

You help me see reality is worthwhile. More than fancy dreams or stories on screens. You’re my sober fantasy. Intermixed with passionate complications of adjectives trying to understand its meaning. Beyond the wants and needs to having you close, is what I desire. Calling heart to a home where the string was drawn, reel me

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Light the Skies

A Joyous celebration. The declaration of our independence. Tyranny overthrown from its throne. Let freedom ring throughout the heavens. Thunderous applause heard throughout ages. Exploding in blinding light. Beyond entertainment and cheers. The remembrance of nations, not just our own. Light the Skies and allow history to be shown.