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Let’s lay it all down on the table. I consider painting and drawing a hobby. I didn’t go to school for it and I didn’t really make a lot of art before. I did go to school for graphic design; spent a few years doing freelance and have a substantial amount of work for portfolio. All of this being said, I now got interested in abstract art.

The style of art seems to intrigue me and it has helped me express myself. I remember my girlfriend telling me I usually stick to anime or manga style when I drew. When I picked up a job request, I designed a graphic with abstract that they wanted, since then, I continued.

All the pics I shared here are my own creation as of late. I’ve been incorporating my design and digital skills with what I wish to express using abstract. Though I do believe strongly that we don’t really hold to a set of style, it seems my work is categorized into that style.

For now, I shall grow as an artist and you guys will see my art not only through the words but a piece of art that I felt compelled to make based on the subject or poem.

In the Garden

Bristling wind, flowing through her hair, brushing against her skin. The melodic arrangement of nature captivated her.

It was as if time stood still, as the swaying leaves and trees around her, spread out, and enveloped the waters. What was this feeling? The serenity brought about by the shades and tones of green.

Though she held to memories, reminiscing times of long ago, she felt at peace, was this feeling close to being home?