Threads of Life

Interwoven since birth til death. 

Find me sown by the webs of time. 

Though they were moments I asked to cut the thread. 

Lines stretched by struggles fabricated in mind. 

Pieces pushing buttons to unzip cries. 

Steps taken though past obscured by genes. 

Solace sought by never ending fashion. 

Creativity and release, removed by belts. 

Unlaced feelings shooing away as I feel the sand between toes. 

Flipping through pages of the book of my life. 

Chapters with laughters, friends and family. 

Lovers of old, awaiting to pursue the new. 

Regrets are none, for my life continues on….

My moon

Speak to me O silent moon. What sorrows have you seen and faced. Changing through nights seeing pain but I know you have seen joy. Keep your beauty by your radiating light though you shy away when you’re new. But this is just a passing of time. It will come when you must set for the shift of time shows you a wake. The sun awaits and will you meet it’s gaze, you shall eclipse the world. The twilight of an ever passing orbit, around my world. Let me walk upon your surface and i shall let you see that I have life. I will hold you close. The tides revealing the storms.

Escaping Time

Find me not in forever. Let eternity find me in my grave. Life is but a vapor and so I present. Time may find a sentence but it holds me not in chains. I need not watch what to do, but why I do it. To merely exist and be caught up by minutes. Cast me upon the morrows and remember me not from yesterday, but watch me swim in the currents of today. I live and so I breathe, now, held not by destiny. Find my fate buried, my choice is the will of the Lord’s. Sleep shall not hold the dreamer, rise to another, where time is no more. 

Destined Souls

See me not for who I once was,  I am cast out in history. 

Souls once intertwined never truly sever, unless cut with lies.

Breaking dawn, shimmering light of days break. 

Sorrows, hold me not in your embrace. 

Change is all the better, facing times of new season. 

Let sadness die and be born again. 

For when I remember, I seek not who we were, but are. 

In being, we become, while in becoming we belong.

Such it is to fly in the heavens, and once again shine like stars.

To Victory

My life is of no concern; if I do not speak upon matters which now shape this fallen world. Ever passing thoughts of the victims created by my actions or choices. Why should I bask and boast upon such atrocities? Engulfed by the wickedness which we try to escape, to bring about freedom. Lest I try to excuse my faults, conviction is drawn, removing the mask so well placed that I hid behind, before. Find me not at rest but sword in hand to arrive at war. Lead me to truth O merciful Lord, guided by grace and reason, I fall on knees to serve. Wretched life made anew by a sacrifice, dealing the penalty that was for my own. Disclose my heart, entrusting my lessons to reach wandering souls. Eternal promise made just, continue in hope. My worth of no value, yet made rich and with purpose within your embrace. Cast me not away but may I find rest upon my last breath. Til then, lead me to victory.

Never Ending

Can you remember the nights? Lights that twinkled upon eyes reflected from sight? Believing it to be an endless tale? Spread through ages of long ago, though now held by memories of yesterday? Were you expecting such disarray as one lost? Letting closed doors match the consuming fire? Lest you, in good conscious, be reminded; home was found upon united souls, where notions hold whole. Find me not as stone. Roots growing but uplifted to float amongst clouds. Wings spread, finding descent as my heart stretches to find peace amongst deep foundations. The scent drawing me close as distance is nothing more. Let time be my foe. Mask me not in remembrance. Dreams of the morrow only when rest takes me to eternal sleep. Catch me in never ending embrace.

Escaping Storm

I don’t need an umbrella. Let me feel the rain and all It’s embrace. Removing the pain I long have felt, washed away. I have sought the sounds that I wanted to make upon these days. Silence now shaken, escaping emotions into thunderous flashes. Clashes of the peace within, battled by actions. Grab hold as the waves take toll with the path you have crossed. I am a storm. Yet from the surfaces of tales, I no longer see a monster. Piercing skies brought by the currents of warmth. Years of weathering pursuits. Let me feel the passing drops of tears I’ve held within. Let me feel the soothing touch upon my skin. Sorrow knows not my wake. Find me once again, O light that rises from horizons. Bring me home to your solemn grace.