My Heart

My heart has never felt tranquility. Bombarded by stings of pressure instilled by emotions. Compressed chest caved in by memories. Numb to the pain as trampled by many. Though my damage as well left scars on others. My past is not presented to be present or find future. Let my heart shine anew as a star reborn. Each pump strengthened as the repairs are made. Find me now holding it close, weary who may see its value. A treasure now hidden though shining as the scars open and seep on this paper. Deep wounds I have long forgotten or is it a desire to be touched? A warmth once again to be felt or will it be left in dust? Must the fire and Phoenix of my soul be born again to fuel the passions or desires? Will the wolf howl alone moonless nights seeking company to be full? Such questions though I’ve learned to be love and share love from the core. My joy is not found in another. Though these words reveal a tragedy my story continues. And so I continue in exodus until my revelation and find peace, maybe one day falling asleep and awakening to my Eve, but for now I continue following the King.

Slow It Down

Let me just tell you girl, I don’t play. Making plans, parking in drive ways. But you’re Driving me insane. You turn me on til my batteries drained. Igniting my honesty, woah, let me slow it down. Don’t make a sound, I’ll wait til you come around. Let me reverse, though you running through my mental. I want to touch your soul before I hold you close. Distance between skins as we hold these positions. I don’t want to rush into the physical prison. Though my geometrical prism tries to lead me to the sexual. You are more invigorating than your scent, does this make sense? A change has been made in cents, quarter of my life…I will wait. You can be someone’s ex but to me you are a treasure. Measured by the voyages I embarked with these letters. Picturing your beauty and astounded by your realistic textures. Sit down and listen, I will guard my heart today. But you are the future I envision. So please know, baby, I trust you. I trust you. Let’s keep walking on these tracks without fear. I don’t promise you the world but I promise to always be here. Let’s slow it down. Walking to the Father, Heaven bound. 

My Moon

Staring up moonless skies in nights. Still captivated by the twinkles reflected within eyes. The clouds swaying and drowning me in oceans. Emotions causing me to reminisce memories. I seek your light within empty skies of your shimmering beauty. Must space keep us away by the distance within days? Bring me to reason with own endeavours. Let me sail and find you in a voyage. Hanging in solitude wondering if anyone can understand your beauty. Caught with lights in hand many have taken your light for granted. But my dear, I have never stopped looking, never have I forgotten. Wait for me as I reach out to hold you close and within eternity you shall find home.

Find Me

Find me in lone nights reciting sweet rhymes. Open heart in open mics. Catching tunes and views. chilling, maxing, relaxing all cool. Fresh sounds, jazzy beats, underground blues reaching pinnacles. Classical, spiritual vibes to invigorate my mental. Love lights in signs with time. Lines flowing in symmetry to intricate lives. Complexities treasured, measured beyond pictures. Scriptures played out in acts as poetry unfolds. Find me speaking my soul, spoken words. Elevated heights keeping me awake. Find me in the present, I am not my mistakes. Find the trail of crimson as these words are written. I am risen from the dead. Poetry in motion.

Seeking Change

(First spoken word that’s going to be recorded)

Isn’t funny how we trying to feel a hundred? Get the money with no plans? But then we do and then waste a 20 to bottle up with no stance? Seeking money and watching it slip from our hands? Looking at plates we conceived that will return in fees by pleas in grands. While we appeal to egos and present the world with brands. Taking looks at books to help us pocket but we still can’t touch change. So we pop it, rock it, releasing disappointment and stress as we drop it. Yet who we are, our character, our family, we can’t bank. Saving who we are. The love of it, root of all evil. But we remain controlled because corporations have invested in people. You need this, you’ll want that. You are not beautiful unless you add the mask. You should buy the new jams, smoke the grams, if not you’re not a man. You’re not successful if you don’t make 6 figures to get digits. How far have we come? To believe the American dream is reached by keeping asleep or that a dream is reached by being American? You are beautiful, you are worthy. Your skin doesn’t decide your future and if it troubles another then reach out to your brothers and overcome the hate with love. A revolution isnt about war but the transformation of the soul. Rebuking injustice. We are not the world, this is the Earth. We’re kings and queens, rulers at birth. Escape the bondage and find truth. Because dearly, I share this with a broken heart restored…I have love for you….seek the change.

My Love is Poetry

I speak my mind with vivid, verbal illustration. Revelation of imagination articulated in understanding my creations. Deeper bonds formed and transforms storms that surge through words. Purged and fabricated beyond the basic. Play me and know I keep in tune with higher vibrations. Misconceptions drawn apart from what is written. I’m not a product of the system. A victim transformed to a villain. I’m not a statistic, let me be realistic. Envisioning the portrayal of eternal attraction. Driven beyond passion. Two of a kind,  reciting lines to make a vow. Like how can we come together beyond time. Life in motion inscribed in my mental. Spiritually united without touching the physical. No body can feel you. Though you touch them raw. I come to love the art, heart written amongst stars. Poetry.

Living Whole

Lately I’ve been standing at the deep end. Wondering if I’m asking the right questions. Speaking from my heart with the right intentions. Confessing the depression has me numb while repenting. I feel anxiety creeping. Blood starts seeping while dreaming. Can I talk to God or will People continue to say there’s no evidence of his existence? While I smile and in my head screaming. Feeling the emotions erupt my being. Because it was plan b from failing the acing. Racing so I don’t see the alphabet forming. Letters to God as the words pouring. Storms surging through descriptions spoken with beatings. Pressure inside consuming the tears so I can no longer cry. Another guy who looks up to the sky. Asking myself why, while I carry on through nights. Light entering corners of my eyes. Blinded to the possibilities. Remininscing as a broken record. Catching the tunes and melodies. Removing masks and facades, coming to God. Forgiven memories now delivered to my savings. So you can take it to the bank. I find my own thoughts and on my knees, I am free….I live for the king…no longer need to collect the pieces….