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O Death

O Death, How I hear your whisper. Your touch brushing against my skin. Cling to me ever embracing light and hold me close. Let not the darkness take hold and encompass my soul. O Death, Must we all see you in the end? Amongst the frivolous pursuits of men we venture close til risk drives

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Life’s A Beach

They say life’s a beach. Puns not intended, though we remain unsure of our chores so we wait shored. Waiting til coasts are clear passing life bored. Though we seek adventures, wishing to pass horizons. Setting up our sons or daughters to continue rising. Letting it come in waves, life’s flow. Going against tides as

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Free verse

They say stay in your lane but I must get off the streets.  Out of the league but still considered legend.  Moving to green pastures and enjoying the life so daring.  Call to see them buried, all of my past poured out.  But you can still have a bone to pick, but i rather forge

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