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Queen of my Heart

O sweet goddess, you have marked me eternity. Hear my words part and reach tickled ears. Such beauty stretching beyond time and space. Trouble breeding strength and growth into such amazement. Your eyes are the sunset to my dreams. Your voice the melody to my heart. Your touch the calming wing. Catch me in your

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Past change

Speak to me of days gone and I shall incite memories of yesterday to flourish once more. Speaking measures are taken to reignite thoughts and emotions drawn from distances once forgotten. Lest weary thoughts be a prison. Centuries drawn by passing. The past breeds change of the present.

Finding sense

Echoing thoughts raging from whispering silence swelling within. Nights of darkness met by flickering light. Vision disrupt by blurry noises. The paradox of the senses mixed as life finds meaning touched by empty spirits. Vibrating emotions catching the scent of the agent of nothingness. Tales carry home the tolls of finding life in an empty

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Mental Prison

Wavering thoughts swept by uncertain path. Kept in conscious storms raging amidst tired breaths. Beating chest calling out from the silent darkness masking the arms stretched for escape. Focused eyes staring beyond eternities reach in infinite mystery. Forgotten memory reaching shores of tides swept long ago to new land of future home. The race of

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Vibrant words echoing to catch shimmering eyes. Trace these lines of characters illustrated by a wandering mind. Quivering lips to give sound to such gentle touch with swift strokes. Parting letters from spaces drawn as sentences give sense in prisons bars. Star met. Held in palms. Mystery arising. Life disclosed. Beginning to plot and reach

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Glowing Hearts

Cold empty hearts wrought with pain, finding eternal slumber. Let thy beating rhythm of life grab hold as warmth is sought by unending desires spurred by love. Memories of yesterday gone past and present futures seen. Care to see the perception we face by the mirror’s gaze and see ourselves glow? We are the image

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Wish Upon A Star

Times met with shimmering brilliance when I gaze the night sky. The moment I look into your eyes, storms rage deep inside. Causing waves of emotions of utter peace with joy, in maddening degrees. Rising temperatures meeting a cold heart thawed into beating rhythms. May I place myself in humble apologies because of my desire

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