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Unfolded heart, basked in rays of light. Filled by unmatched tendecies, bewildered by blissful ecstasy. Find not pain upon yearning memories. Rejoice on joys holdings and attain the pure, noble ventures. Ends not through simple words of goodbyes but finds eternity with open arms. Remove masks of prideful deceit and unleash connections bonded beyond time,

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Upon The Shore

Ever passing waves in cooled thoughts.  Memories retraced by the mind of unforgotten experiences.  The sun, penetrating the branches of emotions.  The warmth beneath my feet, as travels made, my footprints left behind in the sands.  The passing waters, removing the trace as I let go, each passing foot letting my imprint be unseen.  Though

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Steps to Love

Vibes. Night Rides described by the light amongst the skies. Eyes closed as if blind to side with time passing by. Dreams. Lucidly seeping to reams. Bleeding on screens. Escape. Facing mistakes contemplated on stage. Unlaced to strip tapes placed. Freed. Degrees decreed to feed seas need. Oceans deep intertwined and described by filigree. Living.

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