Category: random thoughts

The Escape

Escape from these pages O words of sorrow and joy. Memories spun into letters compiled to give meaning to those lost or finding understanding. An author of emotions made to publish my own heart and mind. Thoughts struck by pen or keys to unlock what I’ve met with an empty canvas giving form. The soul

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Spending hours passing times endless counts drawn in by anxious minds racing to meet the end. Breathe. Catch the warm air filling lungs as it hooks you to life’s intoxication where we begin to rise by day and rest in nights embrace. Breathe. Let the emotions of thoughts touch you as the wind brushing against

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Passionate Drive

The pull to a never-ending desire, to write. I cannot describe nor define what true passion is. I can only fully describe or give proper understanding/meaning based upon what I learn or experience. Passion seems to be our drive, either to reach a level of happiness or a sense of complete serenity. But of course,

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