Human Race

We’re human. Just saying that should give you chills. Even if you don’t believe in a divine being, creating us in his image, like I do. Just the complexities and intricacies of being human. How this system, that is us, works and operates. A living, breathing being. We look at the animal kingdom and yet we see, stand out. 

Many people try to disregard that we are indeed, “natural”. We love and hate, create, not just art or structures but also, ourselves, breeding more of our species, our race. We don’t realize we need to stop and appreciate this, we are humanity. Through all the good we say we do, we also need to realize the bad. The wars we create, the injustice and immorality. We have distorted and allow ourselves to be as animals, though our thought process is much more evolved. Do we not stand? Or should I say, since we already stand, why not continue to do so, with what is true and righteous. 

Coming together to appreciate and value one another, our differences are minor compared to who we are as a collective. Though we are capable of being monsters and I know it by experience. 

We are still made and shown what and how life should and can be. We need one another, hence we build relationships. We find comfort, huddling close when it is cold, dark. We were meant to shine, be lights. Let us truly do so. The human race, running together and growing. The moment we stop, the sooner it will end. Be blessed.

Gift of Time

I am a very strong believer in being present, now. It took me a while to figure out why it was so important to be…present. I always wanted to be in control. You may hear me constantly speaking about how narcissistic I was, like a broken record. But I like taking days to pound these lessons onto myself. Looking back, I now understand why many things failed or I developed such anxieties and depression. 

I wanted to control everything, setting rules to help make my life manageable. Not only my life, but anyone who got close. This was the greatest of errors in my part. Life is not meant to be controlled; Nor are people. I would venture into a relationship thinking the storms will be of no concern, because I steered the ship. Til, of course, I was faced with abandoning the ship as the other was forced to escape my direction before they were led astray. 

What can be truly said? To explain to some people that you see yourself with such disgust as a manipulative, inhuman man. Even now, things have changed. How I would occasionally lose myself in timelines or feeds but still hunger for moments, to take back seconds that I let loose. How I wish I could properly state that I made mistakes, yet my own rage faced with the reflection that looked upon me, every day. Time is a constant river of uncertainty. I do not know what tomorrow may hold. Nor do I know or dream of finding “the one”. 

I don’t want to be caught in imaginary scenes or thoughts. I remember what Forest Gump would say, “Life is like a box of chocolates…”. Time is truly precious, dont lose sight of it. Caught in the past or even the wondering about the future. 

I have enjoyed the challenges and voyage and I know tomorrow will bring more. The people I will meet, see, or encounter, I will embrace that moment…today…now…forever… Knowing now, that life is a blessing and I will not waste it. I need to live, instead of wanting a fantasy. 

Love will grow over time from a friendship. One day, I will look back and know it to be worth it. 

Such is the marvel bestowed, time, we feel it is like a prison, only because we surround ourselves with schedules. But it isn’t about losing yourself if you don’t abide to it, it is in making sure that in this moment, this very one, you are in fact making history. You matter, even now, and that is a beautiful thing. Be present my friends, for it is truly a gift.

Reality is a Choice

Reality is not always pleasant, but It’s real. We easily hide behind materialistic things or distractions, dulling our lives into believing we must be happy or positive all the time. Many people don’t like acknowledging sadness or issues because they think it will mess up their “vibe”. 

We have become superficial by ignoring it. We are now filled with a desire to get or spend, consume or waste. Always in a rush but never really getting anywhere. Doing things we hate only because it supplies. Having us ease our growing tension of intolerance, fear, desperation, hunger of power, with an allowance towards a common distraction. These distractions can be seen in the form of drugs, phones, food, alcohol, media, or whatever allows us to escape. 

We want to escape reality, so in turn we begin to exist but never truly live. We die early, or to better word, give an appearance of death, and it is as if we are robots, manufactured to work within a system that continues in a rapid downfall. Taught that what we need is owed to us, we continue as children then, never really growing up and experiencing the world. 

Hard work, a slow climb, filled with levels of growth and change is only seen by few. Even within relationships, we are surrounded by fantasies. It is a marvel at times. But I rather live. 

Be of example and live the life you dream, don’t merely continue asleep. Be the change, lead by example. Love, work hard, follow truth, and share with others, this is of truth value.

Change is Possible

They say, people can’t change. I find this to be a misconception that fills people. The reality is, people can. What truly changes someone is not their environment, people around him, but when the begin to see who they are and how they influence others, his perception of how he sees life. 

We live our lives saying people can’t change. It is true that we have so much hatred, wickedness, darkness but we also have love, potential to do go, and light. It is when we stop seeing ourselves as the center of attention and start valuing others as ourselves. We all have an equal opportunity. 

Now, sure, by our biology we may derive differently on how we operate in the world, but it is because we are so unique that we can see we form a collective, we are people, the human race. 

I’ve seen men who have truly changed their lives around, for their children, wives/husbands, and friends. People change when they see, there is something more than what we are told by others. We have to find it for ourselves for the most part. 

Never say change is not possible,I know someone may have hurt you in the post, you may feel unworthy, broken, but just know, change is possible. If we complain that the world or people can’t change, why not show them true change, let us be of proper example.  

Hopeful Romantic

​I love romance. I mean, truly, who would expect that? Yet those who truly got to see a part of me, saw me as A hopeless romantic. Yet what is it all about, what draws me to the stories, poetry, music and movies? The eyes bestowing the universe. The belief of an always and forever after. The butterflies that in turn reveal the garden. Our missing piece. 

Yet now, my best friend noticed a switch. Tales of such marvels that held me, seem to be admired but not encompassing my being. I believe in love but one indwelling with sacrifice, choice, commitment. Not a sense of feelings where it all ends in tragedy. Not pleasure masked by urges that enslave us to lust or greed. And he spoke to me, reminding me not to be scared of love as my past revealed solitude or loss. Scarred by repeating interests of my own ego and issues I needed to fix. 

Love is truly beautiful. A never ending hold that binds yet is not limited by pieces we call souls. Two coming as one to rejoice in imperfections and running to meet life’s end. Not established by “goals” or captivated by dreams, living in fantasy. So then to what position have I undertaken? The question asked with sincerity, yet my answer, my own. Let love be given and in return, I seek it not for my own intentions, let what is given be filled and in being loved, be my greatest reward. 

Though I rest with a heart made anew let not my focus be in another, yet if they arrive may my past present that I shall uphold my truth for all tomorrows. A hopeful romantic.

Revealing Yourself Through Love

We long to be understood or interpreted the right way. Most of the time it is hard. We are stereotyped and categorized by experiences or even the culture. Take me for example, because of my past, people would assume I am the same, yet I’ve grown since those days. They assume they know me, based on what they hear, yet my life is a complex array of masks worn or tales told to keep people distant. Yet what I can honestly state now is if you would like to know me for who I truly am, ask now. There is a lot I kept hidden but I humbly ask for forgiveness to all my friends and family.

 We hear about people being a type of way, a race being a type of way, and that keeps us from revealing who we are. So we look for memes, status’s, quotes, or anything that will allow us to share what is on our mind, in our hearts. My advice? Let it out, no matter what you think others will say about it, about you, let it out. I’m not saying let it go. We think we can just replace feelings or thoughts with nothingness, as if it never was. I keep saying it, it is okay to feel, it is okay to express yourself. 

You are not what most people see you as. I’ve longed to understand this, to know myself and it took having everything I thought I knew, come crashing down. From believing I thought I knew love, to find true love. From seeing myself in my darkest of hours to see that there is truly light. And now, I try to share this with others, every chance I get.  Please, understand this. Give people chances, not everyone is like your ex, that pervy person, the “lunatic”, the abusive parents, and believe it or not, people can change. But also be aware not to be taken for granted. You can change as well but so learn that you have value and a purpose as well.

We long to be understood, yet have grown so cold trying to understand others and instead we label them. Yes, I’m Christian, I know myself not to be perfect, my  life is centered in and with God, but as well, I know myself to be a wretched mess born again by the grace of God. 

Listen carefully, you are beautiful in your own way, you were made to shine. What you surround yourself with, ultimately shapes you. What you reveal in your actions, determines your heart choices. Words are wonderful and when given true meaning, can mark and imprint themselves in one’s soul. I generally speak or write in such a way to grab an audience, but listen, I’m speaking to you. Yes, you reading this now, you are loved, in knowing this, be filled with love and in turn, let it overflow. Let not this culture shape you into someone who loses their humanity. Be a light, reflect who you are and be understood. You can say you feel alone or you are better off alone, but trust me, it isn’t worth it. I’ve experienced a life where I was, or I should say, felt alone. I always considered myself the villian, only because everyone would eventually leave. But that was my narcissistic affect. I wanted the world to be centered around me, my ego, but that is not love, life. 

To be understood is to be naked, to find those you can trust, share your gifts, talents, love without condition or selfish intentions. To be understood is to learn to be who you are and first come to understand who you are, through the darkness you have faced and the blessings you consider the “good”. You do not find happiness nor love, it is a choice, it requires action, sacrifice, and it is something you do everyday. I’m writing this now, in the early mornings because it is something I strongly feel the world needs to take in and learn. You are not alone, I am here, the voice to the voiceless. Observing the world around me and studying it but also helping others see what I’ve come to interpret as truth, I’m Gee_ology but also, I am Lucius, just a man, human, just like you. Be blessed.

Loving Reward

Show me a reason to hate and I shall forgive, giving you 1000 reasons why I will love. To hate reveals my ego, what I desire and never received. To love reveals my sacrifice, my commitment, placing others before me. To see this, you begin to realize, anger, hate, is of no true benefit. To love and be loved is the greatest reward.