Category: relationships

The Poet’s Rose

You’re an ever-blossoming rose. The fragrance of spring. I delight in hearing the calming wind brush against you. You are the beauty of the garden. The sun revealing your brilliance. Allow me to touch such soft petals and taste your nectar. You keep me enthralled by such a display. Sign of love. Your eyes bringing

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Good Morning

You help me see reality is worthwhile. More than fancy dreams or stories on screens. You’re my sober fantasy. Intermixed with passionate complications of adjectives trying to understand its meaning. Beyond the wants and needs to having you close, is what I desire. Calling heart to a home where the string was drawn, reel me

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Mark me with your name. Engraved heart, echoing songs with your voice reaching home. Keep me in your arms to find warmth within my soul. You know me in the deepest of understandings, finding meaning in what many deem a mystery. Reflecting light reveals a sight that shall never be forgotten. Unmet masquerades, our dance

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