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Keep Me

Worrying which wish will weather weathers, we will wrestle with wondering worth. Greatest gift graciously given. Speaking seasons sweetly seasoned shown seeping seeds spoken. High Holy hands helping helpless humans. I will never excuse this vision or where I step. Escaping death while my faith takes tests. My God is the light of my life. New sights no longer held by time. Keep me eternal, keep me close. Keep me from losing my worth, losing my soul. Without you there is no reason for being. Allow me to reflect and bear the image of Jesus. And though you keep me company, lead me to your will. A woman so invested in you that I won’t slip from spills. I don’t need a power trip, my vacation is not found in external bliss. Keep me and lead me in your ways. Passing past pastures purposely pursuing purpose. Crossing crosses crossed, crucified Christ, creating creations. I fear God, no man. I’m thankful for another day, under your grace. The sacrifice you made, humbled and blessed. It is all for your name. Keep me.

You Are Gold.

Don’t fear failure. You can always desire for the results or focus on the outcome. What you forget is what or how you will get to where you want to be. Learn and embrace your mistakes, your failure, because then you will truly grow. There will be many times you fall but guess what? You shall rise again as scripture speaks about, that a righteous man can fall seven times but rises again (Proverbs 24:16).

Your faith is in the certainty of who God is making you to be, not who you are already, you’re a work in progress. “Authentic faith is not believing in God but believing God. Taking God and His word and obediently following Him, Regardless of the outcome…”- Art Azurdia.

Remember that though you participate in this world set your mind in what is above. Remember His promises and know that you have been set apart, loved, and led to a new life, in Him, with Him, through Him, for Him. God allows you to grow by burning and building on your weaknesses, testing your faith like gold through fire (1 Peter 1:7). Jesus said, “It is finished”, as well as saying, “follow me”, trust in God and grow as you live, work and let your faith be built on a firm foundation. You are gold.

I’m Ready

“I was born ready! ”

We have all heard or said that quote. Amidst countless of reasons we present a state in which we believe we can overcome or endure.  Now what usually happens is that things may not turn out the way we envision.  Nonetheless, we are prepared,  even if we may not fully agree.  

My life has taken quite a turn, from being troubled by my depression and anxiety, to God fully taking control,  once again.  I honestly feel good and my mindset has shifted. 

I tend to discuss a shifting or a change that occurs in us.  I’ve learned through this recent transformation that I held to the notion in which most of us hold to, “better me”. Sometimes we tend to believe that attaining something, being someone,  or even being with someone will change us,  make us better. What if I was to tell you that no matter what is on this green Earth we won’t be a better version of ourselves. 

Before you grab the pitchforks and hunt me down, hear me out.  I hold to a biblical worldview,  I’m Christian so I hope that comes across clearly to those who do not know me or my writing.  All this being said, we are not perfect  nor should we ever cling to the idea of perfection, if it isn’t Christ. We are all sinners and because of our nature, sin entering us,  nothing we do or say, have,  will alter this.  Paul spoke about it in scripture, apart from God,  we will fail,  and only God can save /change us. 

God wants us to be image bearers.  When the Holy Spirit enters us and dwells within,  we begin to bear the fruits,  reflecting Christ. We are given a new heart and a new spirit.  Things we did or how we are, radically alters and just as He is holy,  we pursue to be it as well. 

We’ve tried it already, we worked for x amount of years, graduated college, acheieved that goal, started a diet,  but did it really change who we are? It might have changed an outcome or surrounding but ultimately did it change us. The problem we haven’t realized is that true change is internal, it is a soul and heart change,  our perceptions and that in turn breeds true transformation. 

I’ve seen people discuss how they will go on a diet and then fail within a week.  I’ve seen people struggle with pornography for years. What needs to happen is a true heart shifting and mentality.  This I’ve learned can only be done by God. Now I’m not saying it isn’t possible for anyone to truly change. We have it in us to change but without He who is life,  it becomes a vain, egocentric pursuit. We will preach about what we did and etc.  You will hear motivational people discuss that you need to be a better you, while still developing a plan that may have worked for them but does not benefit you.  We each have our own path to follow and purpose. 

So then I’ve come to realize that I am truly ready now.  Before I was my own limitation,  I was in the way.  It doesn’t mean that I will stop being myself but that I will be who I was intended on being.  It is by the grace of God through faith in Jesus that I am alive and completely different than who I was.  I could have and should have been dead long ago, in my trespasses of sin and so forth. So as a way to help others understand this I challenge everyone who reads this to see where their heart is,  are you really ready for change or will you continuously hold to being born ready,  still waiting to be a “better” you. 

His Will

Trickling sound of rain and the wind hitting my window keep me in constant thought. The choices I’ve made keep me in a constant state of depression. Yet, amidst the storms that pound my mental, I remain anchored. God has never left me.

We tend to forget why we started our career choices, why we moved, why we even said what we did. To make matter more complex, we completely forget what truly brought us to salvation and why we continue in the race. 

For a believer, we remember the day we got saved and can even come to share our testimony but then what follows next can lead us in different paths of not careful. We’re used to hearing of obstacles or what Satan can do. We can be ensnared to follow religion and be under rules, regulations, for our course. Yet through all of this, the biggest obstacle I’ve found is ourselves.

When you stop letting yourself get in between what God has planned for you, you will then grow. You think you know what’s right and you can debate if you do something for yourself or God. Understand that in all you do or who you are becoming, it should be for His glory, not your own. You are blessed with gifts and many will acknowledge or praise you, but the direction you lead should always point to Him, if you are truly a believer. The heart issue is resolved when He is your center and he has given you a new heart which reflects His own; when you radically destroy the ego, the self and come humbly before God.

I think that is something I speak about or reiterate from time to time. Something I need pounded into my head til I fully trust God as well.

It is easier said than done, to love for God. Yet, we’re not told of the persecution, the hate and etc, that follows. For if they did not accept Him who died for us, what more will follow those who worship Him? 

We can enter the mediums of entertainment, different industries to attain a level which is promoted in the world. Just as I can blog and be on a podcast but the real question arises, what is the purpose? We can say as writers that writing is an escape and I find myself at fault to this. But and this is huge, what are you trying to escape? Lucius, what or who are you trying to escape from? Did not God make all things new and put to death your sins? Why must you continuously forget or think you can do what you already could not without God?

After all of this I’m reminded that as I come humbly to Him in repentance, my heart yearns to truly do His will. He speaks to me, the Spirit revealing scripture. Trust in Him, that He shall give me the words, He will give me a new mind, but ultimately I must let Him. I get in the way, my ego. This is why Christ calls us to die daily and so the call continues to be made, to carry out cross and follow Him.