Wandering Heart

​”Share with me the tale of the traveling man again, Grandad.” The young boy pleaded with open eyes, widened in wait, with interest.

“Again?” The old man chuckled as he lifted the blanket over the boy. Stopping before the boy’s head was underneath, he sat beside him. The old man looked into the fire and back at the boy. The fire lit in the small chimney just across from them, just a few feet away. The cabin barely 10 to 12 feet wide in a perfect square. A leather couch in the center, turned, facing the chimney and the small kitchen beside the chimney to the right. The bed just against the wall beside a window and the wooden door that led to the outside, at the edge of the bed frame. “After this you have to promise me you will go to sleep, ok? 

“Yes, I promise!” the young boy’s eyes twinkled from the crackling fires light in the cabin. The small setting was warm, filled with memories hung on walls and resting upon various places. The fire creating an orange tone that basked the cabin. Shadows fluttering with the swaying flames creating a dance that was mesmerizing. 

“Now listen carefully as this story is told, for many say it is a parable of one who wandered but was not lost.” the old man leaned a bit closer to the boy, making sure he was fully covered. 

After hugging his own body he continued, “there once was a man who knew not the way he would go. Though he knew of a home before, he needed directions to reach the place of the unknown. Leaving his village in search. No one knew how to get there but many he passed were from there. The man would contemplate, ‘How can this be?, he would tell himself, yet he would continue in this voyage. The man encountered a wolf one day, before reaching for his knife, the wolf bowed politely. The wolf led him to a stream where he gathered fresh water and something to eat. As he finished eating, he asked the wolf if he could lead him out of the forest he was in. The wolf just asked for one thing in return, to love. After the wolf led him a great distance, they parted. The man was then exhausted one day and met a bird. The bird boasted about seeing the heaven’s and the place she had seen. The man was envious of the bird’s wings and eyes. The bird told him she would let him see what she saw but only if he gave her his eyes. He didn’t understand of course but complied. Awakening the next day blind and cursing the bird. The man continued on for many days and nights, stumbling along the way, though he had a walking stick to help him along his path. Without his knowing, he had entered a cave along his way. The cave was home to a dragon. The dragon asked the man where he was going. The man replied that he was in search of the unknown where home was more than a word. The dragon scratched his chin, though the man couldnt see the Dragon. The dragon looked at the man’s walking stick and bag, saying, ‘I will take you to this place, in return, give me all your riches and what you have.’. The man was starting to have hope, after all this time, he thought. He said of course and reached out, holding his bag. The dragon huffed and puffed, filling the cave with smoke, ‘I do not want your mere items, for haven’t you heard, dragon’s only desire true treasure’ tapping the man’s chest. The man felt his beating chest, grabbed his shirt and shouted, ‘I cannot and will never ‘. The dragon was shocked at first, ‘My what a golden heart you have indeed.’. The dragon laughed and started to rise in the cave. The man felt the trembling ground beneath him. The dragon launched himself out the cave with the man and they soared through the sky. In what appeared to be a few hours the man began to see before him. His eyes adjusted to his surroundings once more, to his surprise, he was at the village. He was on the ground, beside the dragon. He had forgotten to hold tightly to his bag and stick. The dragon looked down at him. The man felt his heart in his chest, relieved. He waved as the dragon flew away moments later. He looked around the village, the children running and playing, his neighbors smiling and talking to one another, the air filled with scents of flour. He felt the wind brush against his skin, turning to face the sun basking his skin he smiled, saying ‘I’ve made it’.”

The old man looked at the boy who was now asleep. He slowly got up and moved to the couch. Sitting beside the fire he yawned and closed his eyes, whispering, “Such was his tale, he who followed his heart…” and fell to sleep.

Internally Bleeding

Light breaks, Beyond sound’s crashing waves. 

Turning with form, tides burned. 

Shells laying burried beneath currents. 

Howling winds brushing hollow spaces. 

Breath escaping, touching once calm reflections. 

Ripples distorting images once in focus. 

Gaze is drawn away by shots striking thunderous applause in distances. 

Thoughts drafted in service to defend reasons of being in existence. 

Dials moving in direction to precede in guidance to nights. 

Marches made with just rights to press on to fight. 

Marked by piercing, betrayed cries are heard near. 

Wounds and scars bandaged over tears. 

Walls grasped in despair by monsters of familiar faces. 

Though now is seen at ends, beating pressure, the war of hearts.

Tales of Loves

Swaying doors bringing the genesis of a smile never forgotten. Embraced by welcoming arms not sought yet returned. Voices shared to create a song beyond time. Ever passing days of laughter and knowledge of one another, through messages delivered by hearts. An exodus towards a union never imagined in space or time. Snapping moments to draw collections of time once paired. Never forgotten…how can it be…such embrace…now just a memory. Stars speaking as if it was Destiny but now just a legend. What once was, is not. Such is the tale of lovers consumed by the sun and left alone now…in the dark.

.My Dear

Dear you,

Hey, how are you? Remember when we weren’t as strangers? Life has a funny way of giving us different paths to take. I remember the nights spent talking about our dreams and future. Who would of known we would drift apart? Yet, amidst the distance, I hold you close and merely speak with an open heart, I’m sorry for who I was and what I did. I didn’t know who I was before and now, I am but a man, sure of himself and continuously surviving in this world. I merely ask the best for you from my Father, to keep you in his sight and arms. I am still here if you wish to speak to me. I did not leave based on empty promises, my love stands beyond time. Find me here oh friend and know nothing shall keep me. I write now, through poetry and eloquently, crafted words that bleed on screens or paper. Through these words may it one day reach you. I ask not not forgiveness, your reasons are your own. Just know I will never forget the mark you left upon my soul. But wait, you’ve never really left…now I understand when they say true love never dies…and so I shall run the race and await to hopefully know you made it to the other side. 

Sincerely, your friend

 just words I wish I could write….

Upon The Shore

Ever passing waves in cooled thoughts. 

Memories retraced by the mind of unforgotten experiences. 

The sun, penetrating the branches of emotions. 

The warmth beneath my feet, as travels made, my footprints left behind in the sands. 

The passing waters, removing the trace as I let go, each passing foot letting my imprint be unseen. 

Though the shore brings me to decisions unknown, I continue upon the path through the coast, unbeknownst. 

Read my soul upon the shadows cast. But see the light reach the horizon. 

My reflection seen upon the waters. 

Catch me not in the deep, though you find me searching for treasure.

 An ever passing dream, reality holding me with a single breath.

 Life, hold me close, for love knows not surrender. 

Morrow Dream

I am a passing dream everyone awakens from. 

A memory as if lived but slowly forgotten. 

Seek me not in the same manner for I pass by like the wind. 

Ever changing and growing as the roots seep deep into life. 

Let me find tranquility upon this isolation and a home of true serenity amongst my own. 

I am a nightmare to some and a lucid marvel. 

Dreamwalking upon their own conscious step. 

See me go as once more I depart and in this goodbye know, my soul rests within the shadows of the morrow.

Falling in Love

​”Is it the end then? You will simply let it all play out without even trying?”, she felt tears starting to form as her vision became a blur. She wanted to hate him, his expression cold.

“You don’t understand. I’ve been where you are. I’ve walked this life and experienced one too many tragedies. It doesn’t matter what it is, happiness doesn’t suit me. I’ve always been the villian. I no longer see the world the same as everyone else.” He paused and looked towards the night sky.

“B-but don’t I matter….” She wanted to bury her face in her hands but she kept holding on. “I love you…”

“Of course you do, but like all, in the end I am and will always be a memory. I’ve grown tired of this world. I hate the person I’ve been and can’t stand to see who I see in the reflection.” He turned to look into her eyes. The tears streaming down her cheeks. “Love has a funny way of betraying us. A promise is never for eternity and love is truly, never, forever. You were the reason I decided to hold on just a little longer. But now it’s time I allowed you to live.”

She saw it as if time slowed. He let her hand go. He slowly fell into the darkness below him.

He smiled as he descended. He welcomed the cold abyss. It felt as if all was at peace. No more burdens that kept him tied, no more storms that raged in his mind. He knew if he didn’t let go, she would have perished as well. And yet, he knew, what would life be without such a star shining. What was his life but worthless if not for the sacrifice of at least sparing one he considered of worth. He had caused so much pain. And now he felt as he always was, alone. And as he continued to remember and feel a warmth like never before, he had loved and been loved and that was the greatest reward. He touched his chest and felt it beating, the air gushing past him. 

She could no longer see him. She heard a car overhead and people crying her name. As she was about to scream back she felt it, as if she had exploded. Her love was gone.