Upon The Shore

Ever passing waves in cooled thoughts. 

Memories retraced by the mind of unforgotten experiences. 

The sun, penetrating the branches of emotions. 

The warmth beneath my feet, as travels made, my footprints left behind in the sands. 

The passing waters, removing the trace as I let go, each passing foot letting my imprint be unseen. 

Though the shore brings me to decisions unknown, I continue upon the path through the coast, unbeknownst. 

Read my soul upon the shadows cast. But see the light reach the horizon. 

My reflection seen upon the waters. 

Catch me not in the deep, though you find me searching for treasure.

 An ever passing dream, reality holding me with a single breath.

 Life, hold me close, for love knows not surrender. 

Morrow Dream

I am a passing dream everyone awakens from. 

A memory as if lived but slowly forgotten. 

Seek me not in the same manner for I pass by like the wind. 

Ever changing and growing as the roots seep deep into life. 

Let me find tranquility upon this isolation and a home of true serenity amongst my own. 

I am a nightmare to some and a lucid marvel. 

Dreamwalking upon their own conscious step. 

See me go as once more I depart and in this goodbye know, my soul rests within the shadows of the morrow.

Falling in Love

​”Is it the end then? You will simply let it all play out without even trying?”, she felt tears starting to form as her vision became a blur. She wanted to hate him, his expression cold.

“You don’t understand. I’ve been where you are. I’ve walked this life and experienced one too many tragedies. It doesn’t matter what it is, happiness doesn’t suit me. I’ve always been the villian. I no longer see the world the same as everyone else.” He paused and looked towards the night sky.

“B-but don’t I matter….” She wanted to bury her face in her hands but she kept holding on. “I love you…”

“Of course you do, but like all, in the end I am and will always be a memory. I’ve grown tired of this world. I hate the person I’ve been and can’t stand to see who I see in the reflection.” He turned to look into her eyes. The tears streaming down her cheeks. “Love has a funny way of betraying us. A promise is never for eternity and love is truly, never, forever. You were the reason I decided to hold on just a little longer. But now it’s time I allowed you to live.”

She saw it as if time slowed. He let her hand go. He slowly fell into the darkness below him.

He smiled as he descended. He welcomed the cold abyss. It felt as if all was at peace. No more burdens that kept him tied, no more storms that raged in his mind. He knew if he didn’t let go, she would have perished as well. And yet, he knew, what would life be without such a star shining. What was his life but worthless if not for the sacrifice of at least sparing one he considered of worth. He had caused so much pain. And now he felt as he always was, alone. And as he continued to remember and feel a warmth like never before, he had loved and been loved and that was the greatest reward. He touched his chest and felt it beating, the air gushing past him. 

She could no longer see him. She heard a car overhead and people crying her name. As she was about to scream back she felt it, as if she had exploded. Her love was gone.

Touch of Death

The water dripped from the side of the table. Hitting the floor and sending an echo that stretched through the air, as the sounds bounced off the walls. The cup, now rolling to follow the course drawn in steady streams. The hands that held it twitched every few seconds. Eyes that wandered, penetrated by the light that peered into its search.

The man struggled to get up from the chair. His knees collapsing under him, causing a jerking motion which led to floor. His hands now reached towards the light. It now started to flash before him. Everything slowly turning to a tunnel of darkness as he felt himself clawing for relief. Gasps of air were heard over the dripping water that now formed a small puddle.

The light moved upwards, revealing a sly grin. The two front teeth missing and the freckles, revealing a child, as if haunting the beginning of what now was the end. His black eyes seemed to fill the room as everything was trapped by his stare. 

The man felt his heart slowing down from its burst of adrenaline. He could start feeling the floor, its dark wet surface, accepting his fate. He didn’t struggle anymore. He let his hands rest on the floor. Trying to close his eyes, he tried to remember a fond memory. But not even in this moment, was life so kind and easily gave him away.

The child grabbed the mans hand. Its warm touch filled the man with hope for at least a second, til darkness became whole. Feeling his senses with a cold snap, to awaken him from his fantasy. And as he was, he was not and into the abyss went. Yet only his body was left, to uncover the mystery.

They say you see the light flashing before your eyes, moments before death. What they never tell you is that that’s death welcoming you to his embrace. Within the darkness, you can…for the short moments…see his face.

My Reward

I can say please, Oh please, please don’t forget. 

Yet with regret I suspend memories so I could mend.

 Extend condolences as I transcend from defense. 

Don’t take offense and discredit, I was someone you could of called friend. 

Proving with pinky promises, beyond eternities end.

 Yet was constantly tried as if I lied. 

Sentenced by words that replayed during nights. 

Confined, Binding me without reasons, maligned. 

Remembering attacks through nights as anxiety clashed in mind. 

Time creating distance as I slowly stopped looking behind. 

Wanting to connect the lines but reminded that loves not blind. 

I was just a man trying to find myself and be construed.

 Losing who I was loving you so God broke me in two. 

Refined from mankind to be like Christ. 

Spirit shaping me from death, breathing new life. 

Cut by the sword, embedding words now spewed to give birth.

 Burning afflictions, emotions that stir by the mixture of the greatest treasure, love.

my reward.

Love Beyond Time and Space


He looked at her. He could see the glimmer of hope in her eyes. Her eyes piercing through his gaze into his soul. The curls in her hair and skin as reflected like the golden sands.
He was the never ending rain in the night. While she was the howling wind that drifted the clouds in the day. Never truly noticing one another til the Heaven’s drew to a close switching sides and caught breath in time.
The light reflecting its rays on her lips, shimmering upon the gloss.
“You noticed me . . . “, She was about to continue until he looked on as distance drew them apart. “as I’ve noticed you.” Her voice trembled and it was if an eruption was eminent from her chest.
“Without hesitation, without regret. For as time and distance may keep us at bay, love is a choice and eternity my embrace.” Their fingers briefly touching the other as his departing words returned them to their state. “I await for you in the Heaven’s my dear, til the wavering stars bring us to orbit and join us as one in the eclipse of our hearts. So when others may ask who has my heart I shall speak your name, but they shall know you as….my sun.”

The Wolf

Howling upon the moon in search of the dreams of the morrow. Seeing such beauty, filled by its light, reflecting from thy eyes. Ever present though at times it escapes my sight as I search the heavens. Quiet nights and yet through its form it brings me not comfort. Finding warmths embrace upon the fires that burn, as others I pass. Finding me a monster, an animal, hidden behind weapons or tents, they see me as a shadow of who I was. Yet the darkness has welcomed me but it is not my home. Shunning me for I am not their own. Perceptions drawn and a villian I appear to be, but see me bow in humilities wake. I long for the light, it’s touch a spark that ignites my soul. For as I draw close, I see not the moon or heavens, but see that in you my heaven is now home. O fire that moves and soothes, keep me company. For though I wander in wait, your warmth has accepted what I’ve faced and in that, you are my eternal embrace. Burn me whole, O star on earth, light my way through the forest. I am the lone wolf.