Good Morning

You help me see reality is worthwhile.

More than fancy dreams or stories on screens.

You’re my sober fantasy.

Intermixed with passionate complications of adjectives trying to understand its meaning.

Beyond the wants and needs to having you close, is what I desire.

Calling heart to a home where the string was drawn, reel me in.

Displayed beauty linked by stars to continue your radiance.

Your choice keeps me humbled.

Let the rain continue to wash away and may your smile shine to embrace after such days.

My love, this is true.

Another day.

Another way to recite my thoughts and emotions.

Another good morning to love and be.

Light the Skies

A Joyous celebration.
The declaration of our independence.
Tyranny overthrown from its throne.
Let freedom ring throughout the heavens.
Thunderous applause heard throughout ages.
Exploding in blinding light.
Beyond entertainment and cheers.
The remembrance of nations, not just our own.
Light the Skies and allow history to be shown.


Mark me with your name. Engraved heart, echoing songs with your voice reaching home. Keep me in your arms to find warmth within my soul. You know me in the deepest of understandings, finding meaning in what many deem a mystery. Reflecting light reveals a sight that shall never be forgotten. Unmet masquerades, our dance is upon the stretch of time presented. Meeting sober minds connected by loves universe. The choice was yours and with my own, I am yours.

Fruits of Love

Such a broken mind, puzzled with pieces put in place to find the image he should have beared. A tale of the ages, a curious boy, venturing to the unknown and through his journey became a man. Seeing a woman in such elegance he spoke bold, yet her allure pulled him even deeper. With courage he collected his heart and placed it before her. This woman, through times many advices, gave him some, till she wished to spend the parts she once called her own. Both these individuals, unknown to them walked through the gardens of love. How can it be so? The thoughts ran through their minds. And now we see what is born, seed planted and another tree grows. These are the fruits of love.

Read All About it!!

I did it.

You may be wondering what exactly did I do. Did I jump off a plane and finally went skydiving? Did I finally set the world record with having my stories reach countless audiences and become a best seller? None of these. But I did manage to finally begin trying to sell me art.

For those who follow me, you guys/gals, have seen my blog transform or shift. Before I would accumulate articles that I wished to write to help teach, then it morphed to inspiring, with a combination of stories I wrote. Now we can look at my blog and more so it is where I can breath, I post my thoughts, my work, not only in the format of poetry but abstract art.

I’m an artist, I enjoy every medium that I can get my hands on and express myself. Before, I always considered myself a hindrance. I held myself back but I know my art will never be recognized asi continue to create and grow. So I decided to take a leap of faith and sell my art online.

I started an etsy shop, you know what people typically talk about. If you don’t know, I advise to check out and support people who make amazing things. Now sure, of course I will promote my own stuff but I also like giving account to what others can do as well, I’m not the only artist out there.

All of this being said, check out my shop I sell digital prints of my artwork that I post on here and on Instagram. I would appreciate the support and it will help me grow by getting good content back to everyone!!

Be blessed all, gee_ology signing out.