Be You

When’s the last time you looked in the mirror and were content on who you saw? When is the last time you were content with who you were in general? I’ve spent countless hours and days wondering the questions I just asked. I was always the type to look for something to fill myself or to feel happy. I never understood something that’s taken me this long.
In truth, I was the person who would spend countless hours playing video games, I would drink, I even tried finding it within someone else. I was young and reckless but because of those experiences it made me realize the importance of who I am.
We all try to look out or even try to copy an image of someone else, looking for our identity. As we grow up, we are told to chase after our dreams, but we forget to realize that we must first see who we are before we chase in full throttle our goals. Instead of trying to be someone else learn to take in everything around you and find yourself. You are not the latest trend so that when it changes, you have to. Even amongst being with someone else. No one other than yourself will complete you in this physical existence. You are your own person, when you realize this you begin to see who you are. It took completely being broken to understand, to find myself. It does not mean you lose value being with someone else and being as “one” or a team.
What I am trying to get through anyone who reads this is this, be you, learn to experience different things. You can travel, try different hobbies, hear different genres of music, spend time with yourself. I never knew that my zeal would always be to write in the end, yet here I am. We can always find a way to escape by doing something but never let it consume you. You are your reality and every waking moment or second you are alive, you are unique, beautiful. Don’t let anyone fool you or try to to discredit these words I am going to tell you, you are amazing and wonderful just as you are, yes even if there are things you might need to work on, do it, but do it in knowing you want to improve, find who you are. The biggest enemy you face is yourself but when you learn to love yourself, who you are, know what you can do and be, you will show the world an amazing change. You reflect what is within and what is sown within derives from what you put in, be mindful, find a true peace of mind. Be you.

Secret of Life

I’ve discovered something I’m not entirely sure many would accept. I’ve spent countless hours trying to understand things around me. The more occult the topic was, the more I would try to disclose it. I never quite pictured or come to the conclusion of what I now see or understand in this very moment. I presume that just by the title of this little article many would be intrigued. Maybe I do have the secret and just like a quote I heard the universe will start all over again, maybe. But what I am trying to express now seems to come from my experiences in life.
Life, such a word that many still try to add an actual image to. Others suggest that the word itself cannot be explained but felt. What I’ve found is that it is all the above but more. Life is meant to be lived. Boom, secrets out, i know, I know, some of you might be like, “that’s it?!”, but let me explain. The secret to or of life is that there is no secret.
We always try to add in or find our “purpose” but never truly consider the fact that simply what if we just lived. Honestly, we are told what to do in life, eat, study, get a job, find your career, get 2.5 kids and finally buy a house-that’s mostly in America though. Most people have these grand dreams and they have a drive to see it accomplished. But what if I told you that in the end of it all, it is all in vain. Like truly, the money you store up is not going to chase you into the after life of you believe in the beyond and if you don’t it merely gets collected by someone else. In today’s age, money is just a digital amount that is transferred and ultimately just loaned to you and has no value.
Now, I’m in no way impeding anyone to follow their dreams. We do have a purpose in a way, but it is, in my opinion, to find yourself and share who your are, your gifts, follow truth and show/share love. But this is all included in what I stated, to just live. We focus on the future and lose our sense of being present. We also begin to rush into things and never fully commit and when you are near the end of your passing life, you begin to realize you should of lived instead of just exist. It is difficult to fully have someone understand it, we all want to know our purpose, we all want to know the future, find our “one”. Honestly and being as true as I can be by my experience, life is simply meant to be lived.
We create the life we choose, it is only boring, bad, happy, depending on the situation and environment you are in. If something is not “good” you have the choice to change it. People see this and take advantage, they become greedy because they take advantage of the false hope people have. What I can tell you is that you must decide on the life you are living and follow the goals you set forward. But don’t lose focus on what is truly important. Money is a necessity but let it not be your focus or any materialistic possession. I see so many people trying to uncover something that is revealed plain as day. Live, truly live, that’s the secret.

Facing love

In every relationship people tell you things like, it’ll get better, you will find someone better, they don’t appreciate your value, they never deserved you, and etc. Truth is, sometimes we are not ready, the other person may not be. You allow your insecurities to come into play, you start assuming, overthinking, anxiety, and various outside factors comes into play.

At times we truly don’t have control over a situation. But also love does conquer all. It finds a way through any problem, any situation, any distance. But with love you must understand that to have fully functioning relationship you need also trust, respect, and a sense of devotion or sacrifice. You may allow your emotions to take control but you can’t let it drive you. There isn’t a secret formula you can follow. Each person is unique and different, it is all about truly getting to know someone.

Balance is necessary in all aspects. We try to rush into things and that is never how it should be. Love and the relationship itself should flourish on its own and evolve to true love. They say there is 3 stages to every relationship: 1. Honeymoon 2. Revalation 3. True love

Upon the honeymoon stage you are infatuated to a sense with the person. They seem perfect to you, you always want to be near them or around them. Talking to them day and night and dreaming of the future.

The revelation stage revolves around the beginning of truly getting to know the person. You begin to see their flaws, their mistakes. You begin to have fights. But don’t get me wrong, every relationship has their fights. Most relationships never make it past this nowadays because various situations. You can either let it all affect you or grow as two people and learn to value someone else by working together hence the next stage.

True love, we constantly hear the tales from stories, books and movies. True love is the stage where you understand you work together or change as a person because you truly see past the person’s imperfection. You two help each other grow. No matter what fights or mistakes one has made, you genuinely want to be with someone . this all in turn is what people would call unconditional love. Once a relationship tends to truly find its footing with trust, respect, devotion, and love, true love, it tends to last a long time.

One must understand first that it all depends on what foundation you truly build on. As upon my beliefs, I believe in all the factors on what I talked about as well. Like I explained in my other article about love, it is spiritual, emotional and physical, the connection they make.

Love is an adventure and I learned the hard way what it is by what love truly is. Love is an amazing experience and even if your heart breaks it allows you to learn and grow.

It’s ok.

Words that spark a desire of knowing you are truly good. We go through so much in life. No one truly gave us a book and told us, here this is how you will survive “your” life. Sure we can reach out to philosophers, counselors, doctors, pastors, and they can encourage or help us understand life and ways we can improve. But truly, no one explained to us as kids besides our parents how life will be. Even they have no clue what we will face or have faced.
Everyone experiences things differently. As I grew up, I thought it to be strange how I shifted from an extrovert to an introvert. The more I knew or began to understand, the more comfortable I became with knowing myself, enjoying being alone, becoming “wise”-so to speak- and being “quiet”. I began to hold my tongue and prefer actual, intellectual, deep conversations and truly disliked small talk. I thought something was truly wrong with me, but no.

Apart from who I became I experience much as well in the matters of life itself. I was fortunate enough to finish high school, though I was homeless during my sophomore and junior year for awhile. I had a very hard life growing up. My parents always tried their best. We would constantly move every 2-3 years, I was used to losing friends and experiencing change. I never truly knew how to hold on to things. That is until I began to value time and people.
Through it all I was told about things I should do or ways I should act yet I began to notice as the years passed that really, it’s ok. Its ok to be yourself. Its okay to sleep in at times, to experience new things, meet new people, fall in love, let go, change. Every new experience, lesson, person, helps you become who you are today in this moment or who you are going to be. It truly is amazing. It’s ok. Be goofy, be weird, dress up, take pictures, capture pokemon, read books, text that special person. Life is short and if you simply want to be lazy for a day, do so, it’s ok. We live in a world where rules are placed but truly no one truly knows what will affect us. I’m not saying do whatever you want, be conscious about it with a sense of morality. What I am saying is, it’s ok, sometimes things happen, sometimes we want things to happen, you are not perfect, the world definitely is not perfect. If you continuously chase after love, truth, wisdom, and are willing to grow and share all of who you are with others, you will see that it is …. Ok. You don’t have to live a prosperous life of materialistic riches when you are rich with love amongst people who care about you. Just words I feel I have to share, it took me awhile to learn it but I know that no matter what, as long as God continues to work within me….It’s ok.

The Christian Life

What if someone told you you had to do something you’re supposed to? Will you do it? I was on Tumblr and I read an article that someone wrote. I’m not in any way judging someone, nor am I trying to be or sound proud, religious and etc. She expressed herself by stating that at times you’re not supposed to be the “Christian”, do this and do that. She expressed that at times you just have to just be you, and she felt free, which is good in a way. But it brings about something that I’ve wanted to express to my fellow brothers and sisters in the faith.

For freedom Christ has set us free; stand firm therefore, and do not submit again to a yoke of slavery. (Galatians 5:1 esv)

Now, as I read what she wrote, I felt compelled to express my own experience and beliefs, from what I learned reading Galatians. We are no longer under the law, but as well because of Christ we are made righteous. I don’t associate Christianity as a religion. Usually people turn heads or say something like, he’s one of those like that video on YouTube. But people can judge, I usually just shrug. I hold to my beliefs and what God has shown me and taught.

Thing is Christianity isn’t religion. You don’t have to follow a set of rules or do things because you have to. We are not perfect nor does God expect us to be perfect. The reason why we begin to change is because the spirit is working within us. We don’t have to go dressed to church, yet it is nice to be presentable and allow to be seen as respected. Some people then discuss holidays and what to eat or not to eat, Like Paul describes this in (1 cor. 8). Jesus described the commandments as loving God and loving thy neighbor.

It is true that within the church some people have separated it in three sections, the Christian life as whole. Most people try to associate to one more than the other, they are: the rules, the rituals, and then the relationship. There are people who focus solely on the rules: you’re supposed to do this, you can’t do that, and that in itself is religion and promotes man over God and takes away from God himself as trying to make yourself seem righteous. Rituals is more in turn baptizing, confessing your sins, tithing, and etc. While the relationship deals with in knowing Christ to be Lord and allowing your life to be moved By the spirit. People within the faith get lost without finding the balance. Just because we are not under the law anymore it does not mean that we should ignore it. Galatians 2:16 shows us that it is through faith in Christ we are made righteous.

The truth of the matter is, the Christian life isn’t easy. The closer we get to God The more we detest sin or move away from things that we used to do within the world. The more we think of things that are pure, holy. We are not called to follow a set of rules, we are told though to reflect Christ and the spirit helps us do so. It is not that we are supposed to do something, it is we respect God enough to change the way we are by abiding to things that benefit us and our brothers and sisters.

You can be yourself. You can as they say, “come as you are”. God accepts you and loves you. Just know that because of our choice to follow god, christ, we die to our old ways, repent and lead a life just like Christ. Don’t let religion invade, you are not “supposed to” follow a set of instructions. But be aware not to turn back to your selfish ways. We make our choices and allowing our own deceitful intentions or counter with the spirit. Be blessed.

To Love and Be Loved


You are my forever. You are my missing piece. These are the words that we crave to hear or want to speak to a significant other. But what if I told you that this isn’t really true love? What if I told you I no longer believe in soul mates?

Okay, okay, bare with me and don’t just jump to your conclusion by telling me that we are all entitled to our own opinions. Believe me, I was once a romantic or a believer in that fairy tale we all wish to be a part of. But I also woke to the realization that we have pervaded what true love really is. We hear the stories or the songs that play on our earphones, radios, televisions, and read it in articles or books. But do we truly really know what love really is?

Let’s take a step back and touch the subject with a clear conscious. We all know that love is derived with emotions but what if I told you that there is much more than that, that love is also sacrifice? Devotion? Is unconditional? Many can atone that it is something that transcends time and found through the relationships of those who have been together for awhile or even in the bible:

4 Love is patient and kind; love does not envy or boast; it is not arrogant 5 or rude. It does not insist on its own way; it is not irritable or resentful; 6 it does not rejoice at wrongdoing, but rejoices with the truth.7 Love bears all things, believes all things, hopes all things, endures all things.8 Love never ends. As for prophecies, they will pass away; as for tongues, they will cease; as for knowledge, it will pass away (1 Corinthians 13:4-8)

So what am I getting at really? Why am I saying that we have misinterpreted love? The truth is we have allowed love to merely rely on the emotional connection or the physical one, forgetting that love connects in all factors, spiritual, emotional, and physical. We either focus on one aspect more than the other and the foundation is love. Or to state the truth, we set for ourselves guidelines that our significant others must follow and lose the beauty of it being unconditional. The truth is, no one is perfect, you are not, and someone else will not be. We all make mistakes and you should never change for someone but it is true that with someone you can become a better person. Looking for someone to meet your expectations is unhealthy, controlling, and leads to disappointment.

Now to be honest, who am I to speak of this? I’m single, I just recently experienced a break up. But it is the value of what love is that I am writing this, so that others don’t fall to the idea of love instead of truly loving. It is easy to be infatuated but it is truly hard to love and when you truly love you learn that love is wholehearted and is truly sacrifice. Instead of looking for an experience, an emotion, we forget or don’t seem to understand that love is a union. Two people, different, yet becoming as one but truly it is not a “missing piece”, it’s two people willing to work through any difficulties they may face. It is a commitment, a choice we make, whoever you decide to marry is your right one. The problem people have is that when things get bumpy they run away or don’t want to face it. They have seen how comfortable they were alone and they allow their pride or even advice affect the relationship that is ahead of them. In turn we try to rush love as well, instead of learning to love ourselves and also realizing that no matter who you are, your significant other will love you as you are and see something within you, you yourself have yet to see. It is truly two people working as one. There is beauty when two people come together and it is pure. I am not saying that I am no longer a believer in love but I am certain of true love and not facade in which people portray or allow to invade the notion of it.

For me, love has been a constant journey and in these moments I allow God to lead me to my to be. As I work within myself and am changing daily I understand that patience, respect, trust, are all traits that come with the characteristics of love. As well as believing that a firm foundation in all three factors is necessary, to me, God is love and with him we see it’s purest and truest essence. When we truly learn to know the person and ourselves, love will flow like rivers, growing deeper than any ocean. That is love.

In All You Do


And whatever you do, in word or deed, do everything in the name of the Lord Jesus, giving thanks to God the Father through him. (Colossians 3:17 ESV)

All you do. What is it exactly that we do? We spend our lives doing miscellaneous tasks, saying things just to say it but what value does it really bring or give? As I was reading scripture something about the verse above in Colossians spoke to me as clear as day. We really don’t look at it all as a whole. We might say some things that truly hurt before or just to benefit ourselves.

As I learned the difference of what was right and wrong growing up I learned that people always observe what you say or do. As a Christian it seems that you are always under speculation and if one falls short to the standard projected by man we are scrutinized and called hypocrites. Yet we are not here to be judged by man but by God, most would say this. But also be aware that what you do, your brothers or sisters do not stumble (1 cor. 8).

The truth is we are always in constant observation. If one is to lead, learn to lead by example. Be aware as well that in all you do, may it bring glory to God:

31So, whether you eat or drink, or whatever you do, do all to the glory of God. 32Give no offense to Jews or to Greeks or to the church of God, 33just as I try to please everyone in everything I do, not seeking my own advantage, but that of many, that they may be saved ( 1 Corinthians 10:31-33 ESV)

I believe this is why we must fill ourselves with positive thinking, relying truly on God and allowing the holy spirit to help us bare good fruit. Be aware of what you do and what you are doing, to learn to live in the world but be not part of it. Abiding in sound doctrine and teaching, listening to things that are and is of God, so that not only you will not stumble but others who observe you will not stumble. To properly demonstrate the walk of faith, in all you do and all you say. May it truly encourage others and uplift them. (1 thess. 5:11)


The beginning of a marvelous journey or so I see myself taking. My name, let’s keep it short, gee. I am currently a 25 year old man. One of my biggest passions early on in life was always to write my own book. In so being the case, I have developed an ideal for writing as a whole, inspired by my passion for reading as well. I am Christian, hence why I categorized this blog or site as religious or spiritual, many of the words I will write will reflect my beliefs and used to inspire those in the faith as well those needing to hear encouraging words.

I don’t believe myself to be well suited to be a spokesperson for anything in reality. But, I have found that even with my introspective characteristics, I love to write and help people. In turn, this site or blog was made for the intent of doing just that. I will not say I will constantly be on here but I will post at least weekly a topic, if not then every other day. For now though please stop by and show love. Take a journey with me. God bless.