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Please Respond

We all would like a response. I’ve noticed things as I have departed from social media again. It isn’t just on the social networks but also in life, we want a response, reaction, some comment or critique. We have people changing their hair, the way they act, people they associate with, just to get a

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Today Sucks

Today. I don’t know how I feel about today. I have been writing about the changes I am going through and I wonder if it all isn’t a mid-life crisis. If my OCD has gotten the best of me and it is just overriding my whole thought process. Today was the first day I felt

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Balancing Mind

Vivid dreams, covered by nightmares. Prison of one’s mind, wrapping thoughts of uncertainty. Masking emotions with perplexing chemicals, leaving the shaky ground. Unstable life, uncovered, revealing realities hold. The time met with a frozen, wandering mind. What can be said or thought of in these moments? What can be done to truly escape? Awareness to

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