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Dream little dreamer

Sleep is an escape from life… I’ve heard the joyous rewards that sleep brings to the table. I’ve heard parents and friends complain about the lack of sleep in their lives. The great inner world we allow ourselves to dwell within. Where dreams manifest and rest seems to finally come upon weary bodies. When I

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City of Dreams

Let us meet in fantasy. Though tales spun of epics brought to reality. Focus sought in realms where illustrations come to life. Marked in intricate lines or measured by coursing time. Arrays of colors shown by vivid light. Carry my story across the spoils of war as treasure. Eternal universe met with a limited life,

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Steps to Love

Vibes. Night Rides described by the light amongst the skies. Eyes closed as if blind to side with time passing by. Dreams. Lucidly seeping to reams. Bleeding on screens. Escape. Facing mistakes contemplated on stage. Unlaced to strip tapes placed. Freed. Degrees decreed to feed seas need. Oceans deep intertwined and described by filigree. Living.

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