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Spending hours passing times endless counts drawn in by anxious minds racing to meet the end.


Catch the warm air filling lungs as it hooks you to life’s intoxication where we begin to rise by day and rest in nights embrace.


Let the emotions of thoughts touch you as the wind brushing against your skin to reflect a day of yesterday.


Love shall find you in lights blissful awakening when you begin to share your inner glow.


Hold to truth and let it be known.


Presently present futures awaiting with numbers unforeseen but let it not impede or dissuade the changes faced.


You are alive.

Touch of Death

The water dripped from the side of the table. Hitting the floor and sending an echo that stretched through the air, as the sounds bounced off the walls. The cup, now rolling to follow the course drawn in steady streams. The hands that held it twitched every few seconds. Eyes that wandered, penetrated by the light that peered into its search.

The man struggled to get up from the chair. His knees collapsing under him, causing a jerking motion which led to floor. His hands now reached towards the light. It now started to flash before him. Everything slowly turning to a tunnel of darkness as he felt himself clawing for relief. Gasps of air were heard over the dripping water that now formed a small puddle.

The light moved upwards, revealing a sly grin. The two front teeth missing and the freckles, revealing a child, as if haunting the beginning of what now was the end. His black eyes seemed to fill the room as everything was trapped by his stare. 

The man felt his heart slowing down from its burst of adrenaline. He could start feeling the floor, its dark wet surface, accepting his fate. He didn’t struggle anymore. He let his hands rest on the floor. Trying to close his eyes, he tried to remember a fond memory. But not even in this moment, was life so kind and easily gave him away.

The child grabbed the mans hand. Its warm touch filled the man with hope for at least a second, til darkness became whole. Feeling his senses with a cold snap, to awaken him from his fantasy. And as he was, he was not and into the abyss went. Yet only his body was left, to uncover the mystery.

They say you see the light flashing before your eyes, moments before death. What they never tell you is that that’s death welcoming you to his embrace. Within the darkness, you can…for the short moments…see his face.

Let Light Shine

For at one time you were darkness, but now you are a light in the Lord. Walk as children of light. (Ephesians 5:8)

For what can be said about a believer, the Christian, even myself? I look at the reflection in the mirror and stand perplexed at the person I see. They say that you are so used to seeing yourself, that you don’t or can’t see the beauty. Our smallest qualities or characteristics can be see by ourselves as flaws while they may be what makes us be “us”.

There is no lie, within us is a darkness that tries to overtake us. The world in itself shows us how cruel humanity can be or how selfish we can be. Though the night and day have the same time span, it seems that the world grows darker and colder. We all look or await the sun that will shine and show us a new day, no longer worrying in fear. As believers we become a light (matthew 5:14) yet this light, is not a light found within ourselves, but the light of Jesus. For God said “let light shine out of darkness..”(2 corinthians 4:6). The world covered by sin and death needed a light, a way for those that were lost, could find their way to life.

Now upon this knowledge, there is a call, because we as believers or merely as people entirely. It is because of what Jesus did, died for our sakes so that in him we have life, we no longer live for ourselves but live for him (2 corinthians 5:15). But what does all that entail? Jesus stated that the greatest commandment is to love God and to love thy neighbor. Paul describes walking in the faith as following the examples of Jesus, reflecting his image, his light. Amongst the the things the world may showcase and people imitate by the celebrities, the culture, we are dead in our old ways.

In the book of Galatians, we see that we have been crucified with Christ, it is no longer I who live, but Christ in me, we live now by faith (Galatians 2:20). To return to our old ways in sin would be to submit once again to a yoke of slavery that Christ has freed us from. We see the works of the flesh that we are to die from and are warned against in Galatians 5:19-21 but then we see the fruits of the spirit which we now should live by. For did not Jesus himself say, if we are to follow him we must carry our cross? We must put to death the patterns of the world and in turn repent and follow God.

It is easy to say or proclaim oneself a child of the light. Yet one can easily be puffed up and boast in our own religious self righteousness which has no power, that of works. But to reflect a light that is of Christ is to have a sincere heart leading many to his calling and love. For we cannot save people, only God can. We reflect his light, his image and in turn be a light in the darkest of places so that others see not who we are but he who is in us. Let us be renewed in mind and seek holiness (ephesians 4:23-24). Live for God, be a light, an example, becoming leaders as a servant of Christ but leading them to he who is Lord. Be blessed.