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Why Write?

What are you really after? I ponder this question before every story or poem I write. It would seem to hold a significant weight on my chest. Even within the realm of Instagram where I post poems and quotes. 

Let’s not sugar coat things, we all seek to be recognized is some way but the question remains, what are you after? Long hours “perfecting” a story or poem all so you can get some likes? A follow maybe? Is fame your goal? Or do you want to truly share your message, vision, and/or truth to the world? 

A common thought crosses my mind every time I type, as an answer to those questions. I would like to be known but I don’t want to do it for selfish reasons. I prefer my stories to truly touch people and encourage them. You can really summarize my blog ultimately as an outlook on life and how I perceive the world but it really is a motivational one. I like helping people, helping them understand and find that they are not alone. 

Don’t get me wrong in anything, I find a sense of pride when someone comments, likes or follows me because of something they read. But I also know that if I base my writing on likes or fame, it will distort my message or story. I find that I will gain an audience some way but writing isnt just to help people as well, but also a form of medication for myself. I write for me as well. 

We can all joke and reminisce about having our books or stories published. Write about our struggles as writers on a daily basis and even fall into the stereotype of being a writer, but ultimately what are you chasing? What is that pull that keeps you writing? People may not even notice you because you’re not “famous” and as soon as you take off, you’ll see swarms of “fans”. Begin to write differently or in such a way that it offends the reader and you will get dropped. This is just how society has transformed over the years.

I’ve learned all of this since I first started writing about a year ago. I don’t become discouraged at what is happening or if I don’t “make” it. I still put in the hours and write, learning from my mistakes and perfecting the craft. To be able to give an emotion or imagery using words is a gift and is something truly beautiful. Never forget the reason you started and always remember, you arent racing, there really is no finish line. Write as if your work was meant for eternity and your story will be made history.

You Are A Star

You may always stare at the mirror wondering what’s missing. If that certain someone will bring a deeper connection. But please listen, you are not a part, you are not missing something. You are royalty. If they cannot see your worth, it is not about proving it to them.

Continue to shine. There isn’t “the one”, a soulmate. Touch your skin, feel your heart beat, your heart is your own. What you share is who you are, time, and commitment. If you think you can find it in someone else you will be lost. Your identity is found at the source of truth and love. Fill yourself with this and watch as it shall overflow to others and attract like-minded people. You are a treasure.

Pure imagination

It’s ok. I get it, you’re trying. You are saying the right words, smiling the right way, you’re “fine”. But are you really? Why do you hide behind a facade? Is it truly worth it? Just in knowing or admitting you are weak, it makes you strong. Take it from me, who would truly acknowledge me as a confident, handsome individual? The truth is, I believe myself to be a monster, filled with a war of depression and anxiety. Yet I stand, I lead, and I follow, but above all, I love.

Let us stop and be us. No matter what others say or think, let us just be. The moment we think about what others might say, where we are “supposed” to be, we enclose ourselves in a mental prison. You shouldn’t do that to yourself. You are where you need to be. Yes, events transpired in the past, but guess what, that was in the past. Live now. Here. Present.

You are truly incredible, though I speak as in knowing you, I speak to also motivate myself. I’ve lived a lie for so long, I believed myself to be such a monster, yet I know I’m enough. So are you, you are of great value. Do not be discouraged of your talents or gifts, use them to change the world. Come with me, to a world of pure imagination made into reality.

Writer’s Block


To write is to bleed.

That’s basically my tag line. I remember writing a similar post to the things I will talk about on this one, awhile back, when I was first starting out on my blog. I explained how sometimes we just get “blocked”. As a writer, you would think it would be easy. You sit down at a computer, the coffee shop, even while you are in the back of an uber. But guess what? You’re stumped.

As writers, we all have been there and done that. Maybe knowing you have a deadline in a week, pacing around with coffee til that struck of inspiration hits you. Let me just tell you, I’ve tried all the tricks in the book. From just writing without any clear direction, to singing in the shower, catching a nap, and even spinning in circles-after a tail that isn’t really there-of course.

But I want to tell you all a secret I’ve found. Come on, don’t be scared, I won’t jump out of the screen and bite you (maybe I will, just kidding). People. What about people? It’s simple. People are my source of inspiration really. Sure I can continuously quote my tag line. I do share my thoughts, feelings, and the works. But something I rarely describe is how people also are my greatest source of inspiration and motivation.

I usually describe how people are like books to my friends. I love taking the time to read people, getting to know them. Uncovering the mysteries behind their eyes or finding out the stories they don’t easily share. Take for example that one of my very good friends started a blog of her own (check it out and follow it, bookmark and etc lol, fluffthisshit.wordpress.com). Like I explained to her, writing helps us be free and to be ourselves but as well, it helps to share how we see the world, people. The characters I make up for my stories are pieces of other people, not just my thoughts. The world’s I create is inspired by the worlds seen through people’s eyes. I love that about writing.

I’ve heard it before, take some time to reflect by yourself or to write some place quiet. It does work out sometimes to be alone. But as well, I’ve found that being around people can ignite your stumbling block and grant you an “escape”.

So then, what is the point I’m trying to make? Come on folks!! Write. Pour your heart, see those around you. Everything is and does produce inspiration. It is easy to make up excuses and to let time pass you by, sometimes you do need to clear your head, don’t get me wrong, but for the most part, it is there.

Take a stroll. Have some laughs. Walk around the “block” (puns intended). Find that people are one of the best inspirations ever. Be Blessed.

Feeling the Gravity

We feel it everyday, the gravity. Now I’m not necessarily talking about the gravity we experience of the world but the gravity or weight of “life”, the world, on our minds and shoulders. We all experience it. Take it from someone who faces it daily with depression and anxiety. It isn’t easy and let’s be honest their isn’t a quick fix to it all. Yet through it all I’ve learned to live on and find the strength, support, to be at ease.

We wake up and dread the next following hours. We long for the weekends or better yet we long for the days that once was. I once read a quote that stated, “Depression is when you constantly look back and may stumble at what is ahead, while anxiety has you miss what is in front of you so in turn you exist but never live because you long for what is still to come.”. The truth of the matter is that these two things affect us, not only pressing down on our thoughts but dramatically shifting everything around us.

I’ll be honest to you all, I do suffer from depression and anxiety. I tend to be alittle too ocd at times in the sense of wanting control. Though I am Christian it does not mean I am perfect nor am I claiming that because I am, that it has disappeared. There have been authors and even pastors I’ve heard about who struggle with it. Because of these, I have become who I am and in turn have shaped my character. People say I’m random (cause of depression when I shift to defensive mode), I can joke or even appear happy yet there is a war in my mind. I can seem “accelerated” (anxiety), I have so many plans and in knowing time is short I tend to rush things and it only backfires on me. But over the years and truly with God, things have been easier.

So here I am, telling you it’ll get better. Though you may feel the gravity, keep in mind the present. To be at peace is to be present in the now. Things happen in life, I’ve spoken about this before, there are things we truly will never have control over, nor can you change the past. The true eye opener you could say is this, happiness is not something you pursue but is a state of being. A state of being. Sounds philosophical but repeat it, a state of being. Meaning in this case, to just be, be present, be in the now. It isn’t bad to prepare for the future nor reminisce about the past but don’t stay there. Keep moving forward, truly living by experiencing every second as if it was your last. You aren’t guaranteed the future.

Now I can also speak about through christian teachings and scripture itself. God has been the reason I no longer have attacks or get into my moods for the most part. That for the most part is in the recognition that God is enough. I don’t need to be famous, be smart, handsome, or truly find the “one”, God is enough. My sufficiency is found in Christ. I’m not saying either that I can drop out of my job or stop eating, no no, I’m saying that he is truly what I need and my focus to truly live this life. In knowing this, just like the psalms or paul mentions, he is our shelter and to not be anxious of anything. When you trust and give it all to God he takes all your weight and puts it to death. Did he not die for our sins and if he cares for the birds and provides for them their needs what more shall he provide for you, a child of the most high? But as well he provides counsel through people, teachers, pastors, counselors, even parents/friends. You are not alone, never alone. Though you may think the weight is too heavy, there are those to help carry the load or even God. Jesus faced every feeling and temptation, he was human, he understands what you are going through.

Take a moment and breathe, feel the air, ignore the phone, hear the sound of your heart beating, you’re alive. All of this and even what you went through or are going through is a blessing. “Not only so, but we also glory in our sufferings, because we know that suffering produces perseverance; perseverance, character; and character, hope.” (Romans 5:3-4). With this hope we work on being better or as. Christians, hope in Christ and reflecting his image.

The truth is evident, we will all go through hardships but let that not bring you down. If it does, get up and push on. Life is meant to be lived, though we all experience things differently, see that you are one of many. The gravity is here to help keep us firm on the ground til we ascend to the heavens, in our dreams, pursuits, love and even to God. I speak to all not just Christians though I hope that my words would incite a revelation of who God is. Keep getting up. Be happy, just be, be present, see now, and live. Regret nothing but in turn learn from mistakes and repent of your old ways. Be blessed.

Take Time

What if you could hold time in its place and just simply look bewildered at everything around? If you could just take in the moment, all the little details we miss, maybe a smile, a scenery we don’t capture. Such it is in life. A life where we are always in the constant move. We forget that we only have this one life and in turn sometimes we keep thinking of the past, the future and forget the present.

I’ve written before about being present but in most cases I also have learned that what I write is a reflection if what is happening in my life or what I’ve learned/what I’m learning. To say we have control in time seems to be controversial yet it is possible to some extent. The truth is we do have control of our lives. We make choices that decide what out future will look like. We can invest out hours to a career we have pursued or are pursuing. We can spend a couple of hours with friends, family, or even our pets. Yet we sometimes one key thing, taking time for ourselves.

We live in a world that has now established the “self” and in turn it has made us selfish or narcissistic to an extent. But as well when we take time and reflect on what is around us we can find a balance we can never find by any rules we might apply by a self help book. When we take time to explore who we are as a person we begin to be present to who we can be. We begin to see our likes and not what the culture or media tries to push on us.

We’ve all heard the saying, our time is now, but before we take those steps, let us first say, let me take the time to see what I need, truly need before I chase after dreams. We can say we don’t want to be single but also we must consider we need time to hrow as an individual and love ourselves and know what is love to properly love. All I can say is take time now, not merely in the sense of being present but learn to truly observe, feel, as if time was still. We do only live once and would you rather just feel like you existed instead of reaching the end and saying you truly lived?

I Don’t Know Yet I’ll Grow

Never be afraid to trust an unknown future to a known God. – Corrie Ten Boom

I used to be afraid of the unknown. I know we all have at one time been in fear of what we do not know. The truth is, I struggle with anxiety at times. To those who have anxiety they know the things we go through. But apart from all that what I am trying to relay is the fact of how we seek to know that which is unknown, the future.

The truth is, we don’t know, we will never know the future. We can have a thousand things change in the very moment we make or think of a choice or do something now. We don’t truly know who we will even end up with or even how long someone will be in our life. To think we spend our days working towards the dreams we have when we are young and then years may pass by and our whole future is completely different.

To know not is not a problem, the problem we continuously have is that we allow the anxiety to over take us, we start over thinking and it affects us. We try to rush into things and yet we lose focus of what we have now. We are quick to think of what will be or could be, that we forget what simply “is”.

There is a beauty with the present or not knowing, they say ignorance is bliss. To me the statement that ignorance is bliss is implied not on mere knowledge but on what is truly never known, the future. We work and shape our future but that only truly happens, today, now. You can be with someone even and instead of thinking or making these huge plans or trying to move forward, begin to grow and be in the moment. We don’t know what will happen in the next hour, day, year.

The unknown is scary, but also the unknown is a way for us to grow. The unknown is also a way for us to take a risk. We don’t know, true, but also we know what we will do to sacrifice to have something, become something, be with someone. Things are uncertain, we truly don’t have control of life, no matter what we believe. In Christianity we are taught that God will provide what we need, we can trust in him, but as well we will endure hardship. As well as showing us that no man knows the return of Christ which in turn shows me no man as well knows the future at all. We learn to live today and worry not of the future, to trust in God. It is not to force beliefs but like I have stated, my beliefs are reflected in my writing and my writing is to inspire and motivate people, to become better.

Are you going to continue fearing the unknown or are you going to take risks as well as living in the moment? Learn to be happy, live, truly live.

I, Write

“Just write every day of your life. Read intensely. Then see what happens. Most of my friends who are put on that diet have very pleasant careers.”

—Ray Bradbury, WD

Why is it that most people write? I read somewhere once that some people write just to write. They see it as a career or a way to gain money, so they pursue it. But I’ve found something about writing that I can’t compare to any of that. For me writing is at times a way for me to escape But more so it is a way for me to release and share my thoughts. 

Every experience I’ve faced in life now turns to stories and even characters who face the same situations. It all in turn transforms into worlds ready to show people ways to get through things. Even if it is not a story per say I manage to incorporate a way to motivate or encourage people, even if it is just a quote or an article. 

I seem to write now to help people. Before I would think that writing was easy, sure the words flow naturally at times, but there are days where you just can’t find the words coming out of your mind or heart. I also would think that I could simply just write whatever I wanted. I will be honest, I haven’t taken any writing classes. I would love to take the proper classes but I also know that just writing at times is good too. I may not know how to properly edit any of my works but I know that writing is a passion now. 

I may or may not seem a career in the future as a writer. I am currently writing a story that will one day hopefully may be a book. I continuously write short stories and articles, I try to inspire people in any and all ways. To any inspiring writer’s out there or people that just want to write, do so. 

Be You

When’s the last time you looked in the mirror and were content on who you saw? When is the last time you were content with who you were in general? I’ve spent countless hours and days wondering the questions I just asked. I was always the type to look for something to fill myself or to feel happy. I never understood something that’s taken me this long.
In truth, I was the person who would spend countless hours playing video games, I would drink, I even tried finding it within someone else. I was young and reckless but because of those experiences it made me realize the importance of who I am.
We all try to look out or even try to copy an image of someone else, looking for our identity. As we grow up, we are told to chase after our dreams, but we forget to realize that we must first see who we are before we chase in full throttle our goals. Instead of trying to be someone else learn to take in everything around you and find yourself. You are not the latest trend so that when it changes, you have to. Even amongst being with someone else. No one other than yourself will complete you in this physical existence. You are your own person, when you realize this you begin to see who you are. It took completely being broken to understand, to find myself. It does not mean you lose value being with someone else and being as “one” or a team.
What I am trying to get through anyone who reads this is this, be you, learn to experience different things. You can travel, try different hobbies, hear different genres of music, spend time with yourself. I never knew that my zeal would always be to write in the end, yet here I am. We can always find a way to escape by doing something but never let it consume you. You are your reality and every waking moment or second you are alive, you are unique, beautiful. Don’t let anyone fool you or try to to discredit these words I am going to tell you, you are amazing and wonderful just as you are, yes even if there are things you might need to work on, do it, but do it in knowing you want to improve, find who you are. The biggest enemy you face is yourself but when you learn to love yourself, who you are, know what you can do and be, you will show the world an amazing change. You reflect what is within and what is sown within derives from what you put in, be mindful, find a true peace of mind. Be you.