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You Are A Star

You may always stare at the mirror wondering what’s missing. If that certain someone will bring a deeper connection. But please listen, you are not a part, you are not missing something. You are royalty. If they cannot see your worth, it is not about proving it to them.

Continue to shine. There isn’t “the one”, a soulmate. Touch your skin, feel your heart beat, your heart is your own. What you share is who you are, time, and commitment. If you think you can find it in someone else you will be lost. Your identity is found at the source of truth and love. Fill yourself with this and watch as it shall overflow to others and attract like-minded people. You are a treasure.

Even If You Stand Alone

“All things are lawful for me,” but not all things are helpful. “All things are lawful for me,” but I will not be dominated by anything.(1 Corinthians 6:12)

2 Do not conform to the pattern of this world,but be transformed by the renewing of your mind. Then you will be able to test and approve what God’s will is—his good, pleasing and perfect will. (Romans 12:2)

It is interesting to look out at the world and see how far we’ve gone. Just the same, it is a marvel to see how little we’ve changed as a people. I’ve heard it time and time again how people have perceived us to be “far ahead of our time”, yet we are merely rediscovering some things ancient civilizations once did. Yes, we have fancy cars, computers and etc. But apart from that there is something we have completely let happen, our humanity slowly decaying.

Let us look bavk at the ancient civilizations, where kings or pharoahs made the people dependent and as slaves, benefitting those in power. Separation of people by color and race or racism. People allowing their desires or what they deem acceptable by their own ideas, invade the culture as a whole. Such is the case, we’ve gone so far and yet have seemed to go no where at all. We’ve become comfortable. It can be seen, we have become tolerant of things that are happening in the world. We’ve allowed or state as a race(collective group-humanity) become distorted by our egos or empty philosophies or desires.

To those who seem to keep at a distant or become aware of what is happening, we are singled out, appearing to be insane because we do not relish what others do. If we state our opinions and it is not on par with what the culture deems acceptable we are excluded, ignored or made to seem as fools. Yet through it all, I will continue to say, it is better to stand alone for truth, love, then to allow one self to be bombarded by a sense of what may appear good but is not truly beneficial. To not let anything truly master you unless of course we properly are in subjugation to God and not our own train of thoughts or emotions. We as a people are a part of the problem. We easily follow the crowd or what is promoted with an appearance of “good”. Sex is seen as a common thibg nowadays apart from love, even broken families seem to be a constant trait, and now even acceptable.

Life will always be a difficult path. It is true there will be things we don’t agree on or even people, but one should never allow that to change one’s self to come in congruency with another. Of course we should respect people but as well be at liberty to state our opinions, now like I said before, if it is meant to diminish anyone than keep quiet and learn to truly be humble. We have to learn to stabd for what is right from the immorality that is happening and defend our rights as well as who we are as a people. Police brutality, racism, corrupt governments, these all must be dealt with and one must take a stand, even if one stands alone. In the pursuit of truth and ultimate freedom we must be ready to stand alone at times. One will be cast out at times but still, keep at it. The truth always stands. Never conform, change is made by risks, growth is made by experience, and we create history by doing something the world has never seen and instead of retracing our steps and allowing nations to fall or empires rise, let us be an example, so in turn many can be guided to change. To come in unity, to peace, with truth, in love.

Always A Reason

You wake up and look at the clock, 7am, you sigh and contemplate your next choices. We’ve all been there. Those moments in our lives where we stop and wonder, is it all worth it? I remember days like that or even looking at my life now. I write these articles, create motivational text or images, speak and teach to some and it has me reflect. We sometimes get discouraged if things are not on par with the life we planned.

Let’s take a look overall, we spend our early lives “learning” to survive. Even then we develop big dreams. Yet there are situations or people that come about that seems to thwart your “purpose”. We sometimes think we can be in total control, only to realize that we look at life as we near our end as if fate plays a role.

We experience a lot growing up. Depending on where we grow up or to better word it, our environment, shapes us. Our thoughts lean more on who we listen to or look up to and depending on how we begin to view the world, it will shape who we will turn out to be. I used to believe that free will encompassed the world in entirety but truly I’m seeing a tint of control, order, or what people call, fate. In Christianity, we’re taught God’s in control but as well he let’s people follow their desires. That is why I believe it’s foolish at times for people to claim God is evil, why, because he allows one to live their own lives and people rather live based on their own notion of morality than what is established? We’re so quick to blame and never noticed the grand scheme, we decide our choices, people have created this system and culture in this world. There is only evil, because we as well let it.

Some can question what I’m trying to convey and it’s simple. Look at life, there’s always a cause and an effect. You die because of events or old age, you love because you find love or bond with someone. But even looking upon all of this something transcends this. Reason. Now I’m not trying to describe the sense of logic and reason. But more so, there’s always a reason. You work because you need money to pay bills. You marry because you want to spend the rest of your life with someone and build a family. But these reasons seem necessary to some yet there is something more you begin to see as you mature, you ask yourself this question, what is my reason for being?

The question we all ask ourselves, our reason or what is our purpose. If we were to properly think we are but a small insignificant occurrence in space and time would show us to be of no value. To think we are products of an anomaly, mistake, there is much more in my opinion. Though I can attest I hold to the faith of a Christian this notion sparked even when I was an athiest. I’ve always been curious about life and my own being. Looking back I could see the lives I touched and changed. How my story was interwoven in such a way that without me or others, history would change. This in turn shifted my reasoning. Why was I doing things I normally would do? Why do I write these articles, on my blog, and etc? I could so easily do something else yet here I am. In grand part I learned this, to never forget nor be discouraged. We pass through life and experiences change us, we do things yet think of certain things as “boring” but always remember there’s a reason. There’ll be people you meet to help you grow, events to shape you but as well remember why you do qhat you do. There are reasons that shape us and reasons why we continue to be shaped. Life can truly never be fully understood, time is against us but even with that said, learn to find your reason, and then you will see the reason worth living for.

The Reality

You wake up one day and realize your life is not what it seems, you’re 25 , 35, 45, not living the “life” you expected. Even looking back at it all, you also notice, this isn’t the “place” you wanted to be in. Here’s the truth, reality hits you one day or at any moment. There is a “mid-life” crisis but in all retrospect, there’s a time where you notice life is not what was painted to you.

I can repeatedly talk about pursuing your passions, how things go on in life unexpectedly and etc. I can even try to encourage and motivate people to change but let us be honest it is our choice. This is in fact reality. You do only live once. You make a mistake, say something, you can never take it back, life moves on. You can’t change the past so why is it that we are weighed down by it? We like to think of wonderful lives we could of been living instead of being grateful we still have a chance to “make” a wonderful life.

I’ve lived 25 short yet testing years. From a child with parents that provided though they weren’t rich with 2-3 jobs, to losing everything, to being stable, to being homeless and etc. I still can say I’ve been blessed, not only because of God but because all of that has changed my perspective of life and helped me grow. I’ve loved and lost while revealing my value and integrity of any relationship. I’ve been given the ability to speak and search for truth. Even if I may have altered my future, my purpose hasn’t been any clearer if it was not for the realization that this is life. We truly ultimately do not have control. Anything can happen and you are not guaranteed tomorrow.

I’ve grown restless seeing how this world has gradually shifted and is continuing to do so as I’ve matured. You could say I grew up too fast but I despise the world’s state nowadays. Lust, sex, infidelity, adultery, immorality, is a norm now, love is either perverted or turned to a fantasy where people are mere objects and you are the sole reason it should be given to you. Though these are my opinions, a lot can be said, we have turned narcissistic, allowing our egos to dictate us and set ourselves as gods when in reality we are imperfect human beings who don’t want to admit we make mistakes. We easily can’t accept others differences and individuality so we allow divisions, and yet scream unity by saying men were created equal while so easily as well pointing the stereotypes or differences. What’s happened to the world? Honestly? We have created this future and instead of being change we just talk about it with the intention of just speaking instead of being heard, understood, and hopefully being an example to lead others.

I have been having this tug in my heart for the past few weeks, it is not in any way anxiety. Just a sense of wanting people to wake up. We are so keen to think we know how to live our lives and yet when it is falling apart is when we acknowledge we don’t. We can’t do this alone. We need to realize the reality, life is not like the movies. There is no magic genie that will fix it, you can’t go back in time, this isn’t a dream. You will get that career if you work hard, yes, you will love again one day, death is a natural course in life and etc. Not everything you experienced or people you met will be the same. Something I’ve learned as a christian is that no matter how good I want to be or think I am, I just can’t, only because I’m not perfect, I’m human and in being so, I allow God to guide me in love, light, and truth and reflecting the image of Christ. I’m not the old me and though people can view my beliefs or opinions the truth is this, you are alive and something is wrong with the world. We need change, not something promised by a man but a change within us, to not be the same and pursue a new light. I can point to the direction of Christ, but ultimately it is your choice to accept it.

Life is complicating but as well it is easy. We’ve just overcomplicated things to such an extent we have turned to our imperfections our temporary, vain, creations to satisfy a sense of existence but no true living or happiness. Working jobs we spend years in school for to then retire and let the world continue to degrade or even invest so much in schooling only to have the system is corrupt that we work jobs we do not like. Happiness is a choice not a pursuit and life is not a mere word it is simply being. Things may not work out, but when we work through obstacles, come as one, see a new course we will begin to see this isn’t just our story, we all are making history and leaving behind some sort of legacy. Be blessed all.

Voicing A Brand

​Just do it. The first thing that comes to mind is Nike, ok, some can say no, maybe. How about, I’m loving it, anything? Ah, the fascination or the implications of setting up a slogan, catchphrase, or even a logo. Now I was going to have two different articles but then, wham, inspiration struck and here I am. By the title of this article some might think I’m going to start talking about marketing. Now some of you might be slightly true, if you know how I write, then no as well. More so, it is about truly marketing yourself. Woah, am I not the guy who wrote before not to be narcissistic. Yes, yes, calm down and understand.

From the beginning of what I can remember I was surrounded by propaganda. I guess it was one of the reasons why I took digital design classes and graphics at a technical college. I found a sense of manipulation, control, that I could enforce while people had no idea to a certain extent. The colors used, the design in general, to even the words. This is where everything became interesting, from that I saw something shift in my generation I didn’t see before. Change. Growing up we are shown the fashion trends, the culture as a whole. From it people wear the brands, become part of the brand and on my opinion, become branded. Like a horse? You can say that in a way. I saw people become “slaves” to what they invested their time and money. With that being said I also saw the rise of what I’m slowly seeing today, a revolution of people finding themselves. 

Look at the latest trend, you have people buying or investing in certain things, sure. Then you shift over to the out of norm people, those who don’t cling to social media(me being one of them), invested on their phones 24/7, unbranded as to the point that they will buy something cause it looks good not just cause it has a specific logo or is from a certain place. This is what I’m writing about now, branding yourself, being yourself, having a voice.

As a writer I always read that you had to have your own voice, heck, even in school or art class you learn to develop your own style. That’s honestly something I fear losing if I was to actually go to school for creative writing or majoring in english, you get taught all these techniques, “ways” to do things, I feel you might lose your originality. But as well that’s what I’ve learned about life as well. We are so caught up at times about what is new and follow the trend we forget and slowly lose ourselves. Trust me I worked in a retail store(clothing) for 6 years as a manager and I’ve seen how kids, teens, even adults get. We look at how the items were made and honestly we see people making our items, working through horrible conditions or getting payed close to nothing. Yet here we are, allowing ours elves to be branded, investing our money because something might have a specific little design by some goliath of a company. Don’t get me wrong, I admire some of the things people do, like I’ve written before I understand the struggle to become a designer, I still have pages of my designs for clothes I made. 

What I’m conveying is to truly look at what you are branding? Are you wearing something because you honestly think it’s cool or is it because everyone else is wearing it? Are you listening or liking the things you do because of you? I feel like we should relook at it all. Sure we will never truly be unique, let’s be honest. We either adapt what we learn or turn something into our own style once we understand something, we make it ours and our lives truly become our brand. It’s funny, most people when they first see me say I look mean or scary, a week later, they can repeat my puns, jokes, or even somethings I usually say or might know what I’ll do, in itself I began to be a “brand”. In my writing, though I may not be on par with the greatestof writers, I still cling to being “different” having a voice. With the title of this article, I wanted not only to grab attention but also incite something in us all. We are used to buying brands but why not live it, live your life, change up your style, find the things YOU like and be somebody not just an everybody. In no way shape or form am I saying to ignore the work others may do, there are designs and etc which should be appreciated and I back them up, support them when I could so they could continue. It is more so to give a sense of who we are individually and what we can contribute so that people can say we are each part of a unified body, humanity, changing the world. Each of us has different dreams so why not wake up and realize that only you can accomplish it. Voice your brand, don’t just think about it or write it, become it, be you.

Single Moments

You look up, in that instant you see someone you never thought you will see. You are held in awe, your heart beats and without you realizing it, you are ensnared by their beauty. You begin to see them differently. Your mindset changes and you feel something you thought was only in the movies. That single moment, it changes everything.

Everyone remembers their first true love, take it from someone who knows it well. Even amongst the days and months that pile up with the passing of time I can describe the first time I saw her. I’m not going to lie, I can make up a story and say it wasn’t like the movies, love at first sight. It was actually years ago I first saw her and years later my whole perception changed. From talks to one day, I looked up and noticed I wanted this person in my life, in my future. Now those reading are wondering if this is me confessing I’m in love with someone, no, this isn’t even really a love article necessarily but now that I have your attention I can begin.

One moment, one day, it changes everything. There is always something pivotal or reaching its climax that gets you to suddenly shift or change. Even though I may still hold to the idea of love, I understand why certain things don’tnt work out. Looking back at it all and how much I’ve grown and even gotten closer to God it was a huge impact on my life, it was in those single moments. But also in turn it was at the “single” moment. The moment I was on my own that I began to change, to find myself or know exactly what I would want.

Most people don’t look at moments at times as memories being made, life changing experiences, lessons. We seem to continue in life in a constant cycle, we get up, get ready and then “live” yet feel as though we are at an end. Yet it is when we truly see there is more to life that we stop and think, “I can’t do this, it’s time to change.”. Or even looking at the world, your surroundings and wanting to bring change to what is around you. I will say that what I am trying to convey is the notion that, this is your moment. It may come later even but be aware and be present, it is in these single moments that you can find yourself, see your potential, bring change.

The Morning Light

You wake noticing the breath you take. A mistake, the life that you contemplate? Wanting to disinegrate or never truly face fate. Dates passing by through days and years. Clear vision no longer viable as you steer through fears. Near the end but you notice the air, in, out. Mouth inhaling, exhaling and so you try to shout. What’s it all about, for we know not the future. You’re certain you still don’t know your purpose. Still searching within things that can fill the drought within us so we long and are yearning. A passion that we strive to over take us and have us turn and be transformed. We look for it within love, looking to the heavens above. But take a moment and notice what catches your eye. A shimmering light, reflected by that which shines through the skies. Creeping through your curtains and its only a ray. Masked by the beauty of the day yet you don’t know what to say. Lay there, acknowledge it, another second. It’s been given to you as if it is a gift, the present. Another morning.

Your problems may not have gone away but you can be grateful. We forget the beauty and the wonderful experience of merely waking up. To know you woke up. Another day that you can change, be change, or even just impact someone around you. We all strive to be this great person and trust me you are. It’s truly amazing how each person affects someone.

I look back at the choices I’ve made and know if not for my choices some people would not be who they are today. That though I may be just a small grain of sand compared to the universe, I was a part of history. That without me, things would have been different. You are important. I cannot stress that enough nor can I just say I wish I could take certain things back, no. Though I have loved and lost, it is better than not living at all. From someone who struggled to find his identity, I know who I am now, more than ever. And what I’ve learned is to live, truly live.

Be grateful of the life you have now. Things may not be where you want it to be but it’s a new day to push yourself to see the vision ahead of you. Be willing to take risks, meet new people, love, sacrifice. Not everyone will be the next oprah, but you will be or can be what motivates or who motivates the next “leader” of the next generation. The person we look up to, the light that shines through our darkest days. To me it has been God, in the days I thought I lost it all, he shun through. All I can say is to be a light and if you are through your own darkness, if you think all hope is lost, know there will be a morning. But also, take this into consideration, if you can’t see a light, then truly learn to be one and help the flames in others begin to come through, light up others. Be blessed, much love. Gee out.

Does it all count?

7 words, 1000, 70,000. What is the value behind it all? I’m hoping you are getting a clear picture of what I am trying to write. Something sparked within from a comment someone wrote on one of my articles. They said that it was lengthy, took time to read. This got me into my smiling and happy state of mind, a child excited during Christmas.

 I have always been told during my texting frenzy that I write chapters and books. It all makes me laugh actually. I love writing, there is no reason to hide it and yes I understand it is better, especially in this day and age, to get to the “point”. But something I’ve always learned writing is this, it doesn’t matter if it’s 1 word to 100, all that matters is that the message or the intention for writing was conveyed, not lost, contains value, and the reader truly feels it or connects. A simple I love you even or I’m sorry for example.

There may be some who prefer to get in depth or even just write a smaller amount. Don’t diminish your writing for anyone, continue to write and if you do edit your work and see you can shorten than do so and vice versa. I’ve read books that were 5 pages that affected me more than a book with 200 pages and etc. Words touch us if they are properly placed and followed by the message and emotions of the author/writer. Be blessed, write on.