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I’m a glitch in the system.

Lo-fi vibes with art emanating from poetic diction.

Poetry in motion with flowing emotions.

Creating and bringing unparalleled vision, unseen, blurred in focus.

Allowing gravity to fall as I rest amongst stars, a quasar.

A quarter to find the existence of life beyond mars.

Wars faced, changing in the nick of time.

Lights from nights.

Fragmented mind in plights, restored sights.

An artist passing tests, the study of me, geeology.

The Social Club

Log in to Facebook. Scrolls news feed. Closes app. Opens Snapchat. Views stories and responds to messages. Closes app. Opens Instagram. Reviews likes and follows. Scrolls feed and watches stories. Closes app. Repeats throughout the day.

The ongoing struggle and battle with a vicious cycle that I believe plagues me. Social media. If you have been reading my work since I first started all of this, You know I’m not too keen with social media.

I never got into Twitter like most people, tried it for a month and deleted. Instagram seems to be the one I use the most but I’ve found that if I gain 150+ followers I delete and start again-I’m not big on being famous or having a lot of people-always happens. Though Facebook has been good to be in contact with my family and friends, I find it a waste of time. Just as one of my friends states it, you don’t post, you boast. Even with the loads of information presented, people have been centered and focused on their own lives, even if at times one can post about a situation occuring.

Now, before someone throws a fit or may get mad, social media can be used in wonderful ways. I just know that it isn’t for me particularly and I have yet to find a solid good reason. Though I do have accounts throughout, I also know I prefer the hours of writing, reading and researching and social media hinders all of that as a distraction. Now, I could have better self control some may say but the truth is I’m an impulsive person. If I truly get into anything or anyone, I will have my attention focused on that or put my all into it. It shouldn’t come as a surprise really that I also am like an old soul. I prefer to talk in person instead of through a screen or text. I prefer to enjoy time with people even though I like my alone time more.

Before the question was, if I could live without social media due to my writing and podcast so I can have some form of presence. Now the question that comes to mind is, why don’t I just get rid of it all like before? It always works out for me and I truly see moments of growth during my “ghost” mode that people refer too. People expect me to come back so they don’t worry too much. It is a common thing but as of late my mind is wondering if I should just completely remove it all together, forever. I know I can survive with out, I’ve done so before. Another question shows up which is, why do I keep coming back? What keeps me there? Before it would be hope of some kind that I never really shared. Then I knew that my account was connected to my podcast page and it would disappear. Either way it is a battle I face daily and just want to see if others share the same views or if they cut themselves out of it. Do writers really need social media?

Acting Upon Our Choices

Hmm…should I use this word here or that word there? Decisions, decisions, decisions.

It’s funny really, how we look at the words we write and decide what word “works” best. We spend our time trying to get our points across as writers, bloggers, poets, and etc. Defined by our words it becomes more than descriptions of what we de but reveals an action and who we are.

I’m not the best, nor do I want to be considered the best writer, I just write. I’ve learned from my experiences and as I continue on in life how, not only in writing but in life, we over analyze things. We spend our time debating with ourselves about what we are going to do, say, eat and etc. Contrary to belief, it doesn’t matter what someone says, we care about what others say about us. The thing that sets us apart from others is our individuality, which in turn can help determine if we accept others opinions of us or we acknowledge it; know ourselves well enough that we ignore it and learn from it.

I’m not a motivational speaker, my blog is not ranging in the 1000s of subscribers and I’m not pushing anyone to read my words by asking for emails. Don’t get me wrong, I’m not saying those that do have that are something or that it wouldn’t be nice to have people reading your work and waiting for your next post. What I’m trying to write is this, I know where I stand as a writer, where I am in life, now. I am not going to pretend to be someone I am not.

I love to write, though my post count is nothing compared to the daily posts others push. I still manage to let myself bleed and find an escape, which is writing. I remember how a customer came into the store and asked me, since he learned I’m a writer, what it “takes”. I chuckled. I don’t have a fully published book under my name yet, though I’ve written one and compiled my ebook series awaiting thorough editing, even my collection of poems within a book. Yet I looked at him and told him, just write. Sounds weird doesn’t it, sounds like it is easy, but it isn’t. I told him you’re not an aspiring writer, you are a writer, you just need to break free from defeating yourself.

There is a kicker in what I’m writing. We over think things and in the end defeat ourselves. We become lost in trends or distractions, we see others doing something and because it works for them, we think it will work for us. I’ve found that I am still creating my “voice” or style. I don’t have years of writing under my belt, just a year. Yet I will rather write and be criticized so I could properly learn to improve. I can debate with myself about life but only when I decide to take the risk and do it will I see action and learn from the experience.

As of late, I’ve retreated again from social media as those who do read my posts can attest. It has really been an eye opener. After all the senseless posts I see or meaningless drevels, I find I am more myself away from that sort of environment. I’m clear headed. It can work for others but not for me so I purge it out od my life.

People think my choices at times are extreme but it is because of what I’m saying now, we are our worst enemies. There may or may not be something better but don’t spend hours contemplating the “what ifs”, life is too short. Take the risk. But also understand, there is a difference with being rash and actually discerning, in a logical manner, and doing something. Learn who you are, become content with yourself, change what you feel needs to change, and then learn to move forward.

Be blessed.

Just my thoughts

Sometimes you just want to write just to write. Not to be heard or what most people who are technical consider “ read”. There are times where you just want all the words from your head to just escape. The storm raging inside and with no clue to the cause. It begins with a simple thought and escalates to memories being flooded within.
The truth is, I’ve learned much in these days. I can’t presumably state what about me has changed but people can see it. Yet as well I can feel that something about me is completely different. It has brought me to become more aware of the world around me, the people around me. Life is considered complicated and yet it is actually just simple.

From the recent events or “changes” I’ve seen that we over complicate things. I mean sure we go to school, get a job and then pay bills, maintaining a family, etc become something that may stress you out. But apart from all that when you begin to see even the suffering or hard trails as blessings and a way to grow, things change. I can’t claim to know the answers to life, I’m in my mid 20s looking at my life and just consider all I’ve been through. Ive been blessed with have a family, even if we argue at times, I’m blessed to simply make it to my 20s, yet my past was not the best. Even with all of that said I can honestly say it all has made me be who I am today. I don’t regret the choices and even at tines even though I experienced things that radically changed me i wish i could relive them and not change a thing, such as falling in love all over again.
The thing is, my life’s been good. I’m not rich and I haven’t gone to some college and am within my career field. Even with still considering myself a writer and not being to write, I find joy in spilling out words that come from my heart or soul. It isn’t even the case that I want to see someone like my article or what I post, but so that I can connect and in turn maybe teach someone who needs to hear and think like me. I just want to write and keep on writing, even if it is just my thoughts, if it’s words that are never read or even liked. I feel alive when I write but more so, I feel like I write because it allows me a sense to be at peace, closer to God. I know it may sound weird but that’s just what I enjoy, to write. I thank God for everything and as well for all who read what I write. Thank you.