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Spending hours passing times endless counts drawn in by anxious minds racing to meet the end.


Catch the warm air filling lungs as it hooks you to life’s intoxication where we begin to rise by day and rest in nights embrace.


Let the emotions of thoughts touch you as the wind brushing against your skin to reflect a day of yesterday.


Love shall find you in lights blissful awakening when you begin to share your inner glow.


Hold to truth and let it be known.


Presently present futures awaiting with numbers unforeseen but let it not impede or dissuade the changes faced.


You are alive.

City of Dreams

Let us meet in fantasy.

Though tales spun of epics brought to reality.

Focus sought in realms where illustrations come to life.

Marked in intricate lines or measured by coursing time.

Arrays of colors shown by vivid light.

Carry my story across the spoils of war as treasure.

Eternal universe met with a limited life, yet it resides within.

Blissful introduction or display.

Radiating textures are woven by words to give meaning or understanding.

Welcome to my city of dreams.


I’m a glitch in the system.

Lo-fi vibes with art emanating from poetic diction.

Poetry in motion with flowing emotions.

Creating and bringing unparalleled vision, unseen, blurred in focus.

Allowing gravity to fall as I rest amongst stars, a quasar.

A quarter to find the existence of life beyond mars.

Wars faced, changing in the nick of time.

Lights from nights.

Fragmented mind in plights, restored sights.

An artist passing tests, the study of me, geeology.

Find Me

Find me in lone nights reciting sweet rhymes. Open heart in open mics. Catching tunes and views. chilling, maxing, relaxing all cool. Fresh sounds, jazzy beats, underground blues reaching pinnacles. Classical, spiritual vibes to invigorate my mental. Love lights in signs with time. Lines flowing in symmetry to intricate lives. Complexities treasured, measured beyond pictures. Scriptures played out in acts as poetry unfolds. Find me speaking my soul, spoken words. Elevated heights keeping me awake. Find me in the present, I am not my mistakes. Find the trail of crimson as these words are written. I am risen from the dead. Poetry in motion.

O Death

O Death, How I hear your whisper. Your touch brushing against my skin. Cling to me ever embracing light and hold me close. Let not the darkness take hold and encompass my soul. O Death, Must we all see you in the end? Amongst the frivolous pursuits of men we venture close til risk drives us to the edge and in such waking moments we see your face. Flickering flames in eyes that reflect the sparking of an existence. Calming to an ever abiding existence, a forever unknown with faith seeking eternities rescue. Dust to dust and ashes to ashes. O death how your call is heard. Forget me not but let it be known, I find not rest when time ceases to come. Let my soul be awakened to a life apart from you. For though I’ve walked as though I’ve known you, my heart restored and your chains are no more. You are but my beginning for I know you’re not the end.

Life’s A Beach

They say life’s a beach. Puns not intended, though we remain unsure of our chores so we wait shored. Waiting til coasts are clear passing life bored. Though we seek adventures, wishing to pass horizons. Setting up our sons or daughters to continue rising. Letting it come in waves, life’s flow. Going against tides as we look to stand when we’re low. Collecting sea shells while the warmth beneath us is calmed. Castles built, reminiscing about reality losing its hold. Sands running its course, beneath the oceans floor. So we embrace the waters, feeling it clash or gently pass. Allowing others to ship relations hoping to last. Til one day someone detects the treasure you are and dives deep. But then again life’s a beach or so they say, it could all be just a . . . dream.

A New Chapter

​They say I’m a hot mess but also cold, where I find my balance.

Amidst the chaos and storm that rages inside, a mystery of silence to find peace of mind. 

A project constructed to tower to the heavens only to find the ground more appealing. 

Games played yet I pause to come to reality, embracing life apart from distractions.

Disengaging from limitations limiting creative illustrations depicted by words.

Sounds of nature with voices serenading as angels to sing the chorus unheard.

Finding reason, purpose to existence.

Intimately connected with principles embedded by spiritual eloquence.

Beauty marked by heart and scars that spark embers of passion. 

A new man, changed beyond sounds recited through mouths and brought to action.

Deeds envisioned to work as vows spoken.

And so I embark in the journey.

Voyage through deep oceans, lands unseen.

Walking through valleys of shadows gone past. 

Light engulfing me as the dawn approaches and I venture…home.

If This Is Love

If this is love, may the space be penetrated to come to distance as I marvel upon a star. Blasting off from the rocks that hold me by force. Finding an orbit beyond the heights of the heavens.
If this is love. Allow me to remain anchored amongst the seas. Diving deep and finding my treasures amongst shipwrecks. Enduring the storms and waves til I find land.

If this is love, mark the passages and words, eloquently written about such a blissful tale. Bring meaning to these feelings that transcend ties of emotions that drown me in oceans.

If this is love, bring me my paint to allow all to see the face of such beauty. Letting my senses trace with proper texture as my hands run through the curves of the features.

If this is love, understand that though I’m held in awe by your expressions, I’m captivated by your imperfections seeing it to fit into the pieces of perfection. Learning to know you in body, mind, soul.

If this is love, know that I will love forever and more, never letting go for love that is given is better than received and my heart…is yours.

The Moon

​I am as the moon. Reflecting a light that shines over horizons. Shifting and changing in seasons through the phases of reason, with color of yellows and reds. Mourn me not as morning comes for I am still visible, though darkness surrounds me. Worry not for the stars keep me company. If you ever need me, look up and feel my touch as my light falls like snow, I shall be here if you think you’re alone and let space be just a word.

I Am The Wind

​I am the passing of the wind. Flowing through the seasons of life. Some experienced my fall and saw as I passed through drifting memories to the ground as I took my leave. Others experienced the cold, harsh winters as my current situation had me blow fiercely, though I allowed the weight, freeze and pile my emotions. Few experienced my spring, as the light of the morning helped move me forward. Bringing delight and joy to many I passed. I then became the summer winds, though at times with extreme heat, a moment to relax and feel at ease. Calm winds, shifting by the currents of life and though the seasons change, I remain my course, an experience and if ever seen, forgotten, for though I appear and carry the dust, I take my leave, becoming a memory…I am the passing wind….