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Dark Side

The dark sides coming. No sign of the sun but the light has one running. Hands up as the screams heard as bodies dropping. Years on knees teaching one to stand. Sands of time play the day. Rays banned as humanity remains lowkey. Stress overflowing, the heart fleeting. Dreaming of blood flowing, pumping green potions.

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Deserted Mind

Carried thoughts escaping intertwined fingers. Buried in the oceans of gold and warmth. The dunes stretching for miles in leagues of glistening tones. Lost memories in search for a way to survive by keeping one in such a state. Howling echoes of yesterday marching through the gusts of winds. Finding one’s skin pierced by such

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This is Life

Experiment through experience. The catalyst of infinite configurations. Transmutation of limitations. A fusion of nuclear imagination. Congelation of the inhabitation of the mind’s ablation. Separation from humanities subjection. Syndrome properly diagnosed. Art is the source of the antidote. While love is guiding us home. Bringing us to new heights through flights of delight. Seeing with

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