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Winter’s Wonderland

“So I was telling Robert that we will be settled in by the end of week.” Frank’s stern voice echoed within the moving truck. His gaze was focused on the road ahead but tried to keep a conversation going, as to not fall asleep. His son kept him company and sat right beside him. He wasn’t too fond of the move. But Frank managed to get promoted and was asked to oversee construction of the new building for the hotel.

The icy wind clawed at the windows looking for a way to pierce the awaiting bodies inside the truck. Warmed by the air within the vehicle, heading down the mountain pass. Timothy stared out at the blanket of snow outside. He just let his dad ramble on about all the “blessings” that was going follow.

“Come on, kiddo, I hear the school there is great” Frank gave a short nudge at his son, making sure one of his hands never let released the steering wheel.

“Yea, right, like this weather huh?” Timothy’s response was sarcastic of course. He hated the cold and was used to the warm, hot weather of Florida. He only saw snow on tv or movies. He never thought he would move so far north that he would be enveloped by it til God knows when.

Frank curled his lips in hesitation before he continued. He managed to catch his son’s tone and knew for a fact this wasn’t the best weather. He remembered looking up the town on the internet with his boss’s words constantly repeating in his head, “It is freaking cold there”. He kept his gaze on the road now, he decided to keep quiet for a bit as he neared the crossroad.

The sign on the side of the road read Arcadia, the winter wonderland. It had a picture of what appeared to be a smiling family playing in the snow with Christmas decorations on the house behind them. Timothy rolled his eyes as he couldn’t make out the rest of the billboard. His father kept going straight as they passed the intersection. It had been quite a trip but they were almost close to what everyone else called their new “home”. He could start seeing the dim lights pierce through the storm. You would think that a sane person wouldn’t drive under these conditions and yet his father insisted that this was the weather most of the time year round.
The road seemed to merge into a narrow strip as what appeared to be the last hill leading down to the town began to have them descend. Insanity, Timothy thought to himself as he looked for signs of worry on his father’s face. The man Just continued to rant about how important his work and his new position would not only benefit them but everyone.
Frank didn’t want to give his son any sign of discomfort or worry as he noticed the terrain was literally like a death trap. The road had to have warning signs or something, he thought. He would brush of any fear as he continued to discuss how the company who hired him spoke about the new job opportunities he was bringing in to this town.
The wind continued to pound the moving vehicle. Like a monster trying to devour its prey it clawed at the windows. The snow attaching itself and building up on the front window trying to blind it’s victim. The moving truck still continued its steady descent and as the storm raged on, the town slowly revealed its appeal and wonder.
Timothy was the first to notice it all. The wind seemed to stop after awhile. Snow started to brush off the windshield and he could fully make out what was before them. The town stretched out in between mountains but apart from all of the snow, it appeared to be something of fairytales. What lay before them seemed like one of those towns you see in a snow globe. Trees spawned around and decorated due to the upcoming season. The houses surrounding the various other buildings seemed nice and warm due to the lights that escaped and helped bring the town to life.
Frank gave a quick look at the side mirrors to check if he wasn’t imagining just leaving a blizzard. He blinked 4 times at what he now understood from his wife’s description as a magical place.
Though the town was small as one could see it from the hill from beginning to end, it seemed welcoming. Movement could be seen amongst the town and as dark as it was getting outside, the lights sprawled across gave new life or signs of it.
Frank pointed to the far right of the town where what appeared to be a set of steel beams were erected. “There’s the building”, he then pointed to the otherside of the town near the back, “and that’s where we will be staying.”.
Timothy couldn’t make it out from where they were. As they reached the bottom of the hill he couldn’t see the whole town anymore. It seems he would have to wait.
They drove through the town and everything truly seemed to be from a movie. Of course, people would look at the passing truck in awe as both of them in truck only assumed was natural. For being a small town and the location, it was unlike any visitors or new comers to just come about. This is what Frank and his companions hoped to fix, though it was still a mystery as to why this place.
After what appeared to be never ending minutes of torture, Timothy felt a wave of relief as he neared what appeared to be his new house. He could see his mother complaining to the movers outside.

“Oh boy”, Frank’s worried expression surfaced as the words rolled off his tongue. He knew his wife all too well. “This isn’t good.”.
Timothy chuckled, “Yea, for them that is”. As he said that he looked at his new house. Surrounded by wooden fence and two pine trees on the front yard. It had a driveway to the left and was a two story house. The colors appeared to be a tint of red with brown but was mostly covered in snow. The lights were on what appeared to be the two rooms on the second and he could now make out his sister looking down.
Mary looked back momentarily as she heard the approaching truck and waved at them. She then turned back and faced the two men in front of her on the front porch. “Good, now you will have to hear from my husband!”, They could now make out the words she was saying.
Frank took a deep breath as he put the truck in the driveway. He looked at Timothy, “Well buddy, we’re here.”.

The words scratched in his head and echoed like a nightmare. His dad was removing the keys and signaling that he was going to check what was the big fuss. Timothy started to get ready to get off the truck, he also took a deep breath and looked around. He looked up towards his sister’s room and noticed her eating a strange fruit. She was smiling and waved at him and then disappeared as he thought she was going to greet them.
He looked towards the mountains and noticed a strange green light that appeared to flash. The light seemed to call to him and he felt himself enter a trance. There was something familiar about the light, as if he saw it in a dream.
“Timothy!!”, His mother’s voice awoke him from his trance and he got out of the truth. His feet sank an inch to the ground as he landed. Snow, it was the first time he actually was around it apart from the drive here, he already hated it.
His mother rushed to him and have him a huge hug. “Welcome home, honey.”, the warmth of his mother was truly welcoming. He hugged her back but the words still felt like a stranger. He looked back at the mountain where the light shun only to find there was no light flashing this time. He whispered to himself, “Yea, home…”.

Awaiting Darkness

The frigid, steel floor trembled below the group. They could all feel it beneath their bare feet. Huddling closer together as they were unsure of what was happening outside. Darkness swallowed them. The engine roaring and humming throughout the voyage. Brakes screeching. The sounds of the truck echoed through the haul. They could only assume by the sounds that they were being transported in a truck. Crammed into the back as they were boarded up, as if they were cattle just hours before.

Blindfolded and chained together. Each individual cowering together amidst the group that filled the trailer. Their breaths felt alongside the strands of hair of one another. Each one wearing the grey cottoned one piece prison garment. Trying to find warmth disregarding strangers but finding closure amongst each other.

“W-where do you think they are taking us?” A voice spoke in a whisper, shocking everyone as it was amplified in the small space.

“I think I heard one the guards mentioning something about the Hole.” A raspy voice responded.

Shuffling sounds of people huddling closer, their breathing quickening. Everyone else appeared to know what was the hole. 

“Oh God, they are getting rid of us, like vermin.” A shriek ran out of someone. It piercing through everyone, causing everyone to shiver.

“What’s the hole?” It appeared to be the same voice that responded to the first individual.

Having some form of communication was desirable between the group. Though now, the atmosphere seemed to shift to pure fear. Breathing increasing dramatically and the pounding hearts seemed to bounce off the walls due to the echo and silence. 

“The hole is the final stop for people like us” A voice yammered. Someone else spoke up, it sounded like an older gentleman as he continued. “My son Frederick was sentenced to the Hole in the beginning of the invasion” he stopped mid sentence, “that’s the last I ever heard of him.”.

“I heard the Hole has no end…that you keep falling in an endless cycle.”, this time a frail voice spoke, a woman. 

“I heard that once inside, you will feel your soul ripped out.” A younger voice howled back. 

Gasps were heard throughout the group followed by the iron curtain that engulfed them occasionally.

Silence swept through for what appeared to be another hour. No one wanted to mention a word.  Attempts were made by those closest to the steel walls of the trailer to find a way out. A couple of people started singing songs while others prayed to their God’s.

Hope swayed and the groups demeanour grew weary. Many people would sit on the icy floor, in surrender of their coming fate. Heads against shoulders or between knees wallowing in fear.

Acceptance to their impending defeat was drawn before them and many answered its call.

A jolt shook everyone and many lost their balance as the truck was coming to a stop. Voices were heard outside. The whimpering cries and whispers filled the trailer once more. Movement beneath them started once more in the opposite direction, meaning they were going in reverse. The vibrations would reveal a sense of direction. 

A large hiss rang out and the engine’s stopped. Everyone grew quiet expecting to hear something else besides their throbbing hearts. 

Bangs were heard as it sounded like the doors were opening. The raw, merciless wind snapped at the group sending frigid bodies to press together. 

Chains were pulled and the group was forced to jump down onto another wintry floor. It felt familiar compared to the steel floor. Blindfolds were taken off and as the group tried to adjust to the lighting of their surroundings, it came. The chains that connected them were pulled apart in what appeared to be in instant. The crackling of the metal shot into an object they couldnt make out. As squinting eyes pierced through looking for focus. Yet, they all opened them in shock as they all felt the pull. They all saw it as they lost their equilibrium. The ground beneath them opened up, sending many to fall sideways, forwards, backwards as they lost their footing. Many looked up to see the moon shining above. It’s radiating light filling the night sky and the stars around it basking the heaven’s with such beauty. Others started to scream as they looked below, an endless abyss stretched below them. A hint of light or even glimpse of an end was but a dream to some. 

After minutes of falling many gave in to the darkness. Everything became subdued by utter nothingness. Thoughts became just passing senses lost and forgotten as air was now the source of focus to grasp. The light from the moon was no more. No trace of an opening. No sounds from those around or the beating of one’s own heart. 

And so the story of the Hole remains, as another truck is loaded. As those who fall in the eternal abyss they consider damnation with no passing thought but only of those who tell its story. Awaiting….darkness….

Touch of Death

The water dripped from the side of the table. Hitting the floor and sending an echo that stretched through the air, as the sounds bounced off the walls. The cup, now rolling to follow the course drawn in steady streams. The hands that held it twitched every few seconds. Eyes that wandered, penetrated by the light that peered into its search.

The man struggled to get up from the chair. His knees collapsing under him, causing a jerking motion which led to floor. His hands now reached towards the light. It now started to flash before him. Everything slowly turning to a tunnel of darkness as he felt himself clawing for relief. Gasps of air were heard over the dripping water that now formed a small puddle.

The light moved upwards, revealing a sly grin. The two front teeth missing and the freckles, revealing a child, as if haunting the beginning of what now was the end. His black eyes seemed to fill the room as everything was trapped by his stare. 

The man felt his heart slowing down from its burst of adrenaline. He could start feeling the floor, its dark wet surface, accepting his fate. He didn’t struggle anymore. He let his hands rest on the floor. Trying to close his eyes, he tried to remember a fond memory. But not even in this moment, was life so kind and easily gave him away.

The child grabbed the mans hand. Its warm touch filled the man with hope for at least a second, til darkness became whole. Feeling his senses with a cold snap, to awaken him from his fantasy. And as he was, he was not and into the abyss went. Yet only his body was left, to uncover the mystery.

They say you see the light flashing before your eyes, moments before death. What they never tell you is that that’s death welcoming you to his embrace. Within the darkness, you can…for the short moments…see his face.

Tale by the Fire

I awoke to the wind howling. The dark of night surrounding my cabin. It was if I could faintly make it a voice. I was sitting down in my couch. The fire crackling the wood as it burned, giving me warmth. 

Who would of that this crazy old man would be here, preferring the solitude of the forest. The adventures that I took now as passing memories. Tales now written down and stores upon hearts and books to be remembered as legends.

I found myself trying to ignore the noises of the world outside my cozy cabin. The glow of the fire filling the dark room. I held on to my blanket and closed my eyes, embracing the warmth.

“My prince…”, I opened my eyes to find nothing but my thoughts to keep me company.

I knew I was getting old, but I wasn’t getting crazy, I thought. The wind does play games with your mind. Yet amidst my notions, the voice haunted me. It reminded of a time so long ago. 

I turned to the fire and found myself captivated. The flames seem to take shapes as my imagination intertwined and they both danced in unity as a telling of a story.

There she was, as beautiful as I have ever seen. The fire around her seemed to revolve her every move. Wrapping itself around her luscious being and allowing me to feel a warmth that the sun found comforting. She was more enticing than a star. Her smile as the moon, reaching men in a crescent descent from the heavens from which she came. Her hips as if God himself sculpted as she matured. And her voice as the angels.

They called her a fire harpie. Though at the time I was told that being in her presence made men fall into her spell. For she was much more than magic, her eyes as mysterious yet she cowered behind her wings. Always in watch as she came to drink from the well every winter. Men would come to see her from all areas but few could approach for they were burned. Every attempt revealing who she was and though some feared, I found myself drawn to her. 

There, one winter’s day, I was at the well. I was unaware that her return was emminent, I was preparing to collect enough to make my way back into town. I noticed a light that basked me. I turned slowly as I noticed her beside me. She smiled and looked at my drawings I had laid out on the floor.

“You draw?”, at first I was shocked she spoke to me. 

“Yes”, I replied. Smiling back, noticing someone seeing past the scars of war that ravaged my body and face.

She smiled and as she drank from the well, her company allowed me the warmth that needed upon such a cold night. We began to talk and what spawned as seconds, were not so, but stretched to hours. 

But again it was her time to go and we parted ways. 

Years went by and again I found myself at the well every winter. And just like a timing of need for one another, we would meet and spend our time talking, laughing, and enjoying our company. She would tell me about her flaws and how men would be attracted but retreat or use her in ways she would never entertain. Yet to me she remained a gem.

I found myself, one winter, wanting to kiss her as she asked what I though about her. Finding my soul to be drawn by the fire. Imagining our bodies as one and taken in flight to the sky. My hands holding her against me, our chests being the wall that kept our hearts at bay. My leg intertwined, each between our thighs and our hands finding a place to hold on to as we climbed in bliss. My lips feeling her own til I found them passing words on her neck and she was tasting my own. 

But reality sweeped in. I awoke from the dream or fantasy and had to make peace at each moment. We were never as lovers but became something else to each other, though I’ve always wondered.

My age hit me after years in the battlefield and I had to retire. She stopped coming to the well after awhile and retreated to my cabin. And here I am, yet still there’s nights where I still feel her warmth. Her eyes looking back within the fire. Her smile piercing my soul. Dancing gracefully amongst the stars as she would depart, flying in the sky. The heaven’s calling her home as I stayed grounded in my home. 

I smiled as the wind brushed against my door, awakening me from my trancelike state. The fire harpie, princess of the sky, a red rose in the garden and a mermaid in the ocean. Words cannot describe but an attempt can be made. But then again, I’m just an old soul remembering tales of long ago….

Memory of the Future

I once thought the alarm would be the reason for my waking. The sun striking my face and the gentle breeze from the ceiling fan brushes against my skin. Yet none of that woke me from the dream that held me in its hold. I could hear it, at first like a sweet melody though it was the screams of children. But this was not in horror, sweet screams of joy.

“D-Dad, D-Daddy Wakey Up!”, A small but loud voice echoed in my ears. Jumping in the bed rocking me to the world that awaited before.

Ranger Barked briefly as he joined me in the bed.

The sounds now engulfed me and I could feel something the world longs to describe, love. The smells around me as I can hear the bacon sizzling downstairs to my surprise.

I stepped over the toys in the room as a smile stretched from ear to ear. I felt small arms try to wrap around me smiling. I tried to look back as I could hear her giggling. Ranger wagging his tail and licking my foot.

The sun now hit my face as the curtains wavered by the breeze inside the room. Who would of thought that this would be more than a dream. I looked at the nightstand and noticed the key that hung around my necklace, the ring attached, side by side. A promise and in those moments I saw my reflection.

Everything around me blurred and I saw something I didn’t realize. I noticed my hands on a keyboard. the reflection now was me typing these very words. A dream upon a dream of a tomorrow I hope to see or is it but a memory.

Into the Night

A shiver ran down my spine. I could feel the gentle breeze and hear the rustling of the leaves. Sounds intertwined as all of stars filled the sky. The moon hanging in wait as it shun upon my face. Radiating a soft glow as the reflections wavered in the waters beneath me. I stood there, calm, collected, though I was layered from head to toe. This was the world, captivating, apart from a still surface or dimensional object to grab moments. The night alive. I found myself closing my eyes and breathing in.The snow touching my lips as if nature itself knew it held me in bliss. I looked once more to the city that lay behind me. The lights surrounding the towers and skyscrapers men had worked years to bring into existence. The sounds hardly reaching where I stood. Yet time seemed to be held in place as nature knew not its weight, though the passing came on its own.

I started to turn from the coast. I could see a couple walking towards me. Fingers interlocked and smiles from side to side. A date I figured. I smiled at them as they passed me by as I walked towards the city. The young girl wrapping both hands around the young man, close to grab warmth.

After a few minutes the sounds engulfed me in its ocean. Massive metal beams coated and forged to stand above me now covered my view of the heavens. Yet through all the noise, the lights, the stars I could not see, there it was. The moon shun, quietly in place, still shining down on me.

I hugged my coat. I looked back now at the place where once I stood and saw in the distance the couple. I smiled. Memories of the night I thought, reflections of phases we face, yet still, we find peace, even amongst the chaos of the night. I turned to face the storm before me and even in knowing what was ahead, I was held by my own memories, her face and with that I find my own embrace and awaited the sun to bring the light once again.

Just Another Story (short story)

Every one usually has a story they don’t usually share. For me my story has yet to be completed yet one can learn much from reflecting on it. Though I believe I am best to recount my tale I do so not to entertain, the format may appear to be of a myth, it is to bring to light who I am, no longer embracing the shadows…

I walked through the forest, I was tired. The moon hung overhead, beaming its glow and finding its way through the branches, helping me see through the darkness as I waved away the mosquitoes that continued to bombard me. I ran out of water a mile back from where my car broke down. “Just take the shortcut, you’ll get there like an hour earlier than expected.”, so I thought. The branches and leaves crunched as I made my way, pushing away bushes and vines that lay in front of me. It was a good thing it wasn’t a cold night, though I had been walking for about two hours now, I knew for sure I was lost. I reached into my left pocket. I pulled out my cellphone, clicking the power button and seeing the time, 11:40pm. “Great!”, I muttered the word, mad at myself as I knew I was hungry and thirsty, still with no sign of civilization anywhere. I continued walking.

I saw what appeared to be a light in the distance. A soft glow seemed to appear from a clearing that was coming up. I couldn’t tell what time it was as my phone finally had no charge for the past hour. I could notice know what the light was. There was a small lake, the light from the moon reflected on the waters surface. Without hesitation I rushed to the edge to grab a handful. Such sweet delight I thought as I lifted my head after taking huge gulps of freshwater. I didn’t pay mind to the thought of the water not being safe to drink, for some reason I just felt drained, thirsty, exhausted beyond belief.

As I lifted my head I noticed something peculiar on the other side of the lake. There was an old man, standing, looking down at the lake. “Finally some help” I could hear the words escaping my mouth, ” excuse me sir, hello, can you hear me. My car broke down awhile back like a couple of miles due west, I can’t exactly pinpoint the direction, all I know is that it was somewhere along the shortcut to get to the city.”. I talked trying to explain my situation to the old man and walked to greet him. The old man didn’t even flinch, that was odd, most people would jump at the sight of a complete stranger appearing from out of no where, especially within a forest. I etched closer to the old man, He appeared to be quite aged, yet there was something familiar about him, though the night couldn’t help me clearly see him, even with the moon light. “Hello? Sir, my name is David, my car….”, I stopped beside him. The old man seemed to be fixated at something within the water. I reached out to touch his shoulder, “Look David.”, the old man spoke is a raspy voice, slowly lifting his hand and pointing to where he was looking at. I knew and watch too many horror movies to stay and wait for something to happen, yet every part of my being wanted to look to where he was pointing at. I started looking away from the old man’s face to where his finger was pointing to.

Upon the water was the reflection of the old man, I looked for my own only to be left bewildered, it wasn’t there, no other reflection was there, not even the moon’s, yet there was a glow upon the surface of the water. I looked at the old man’s reflection as the water seemed to be moving by ripples. I stood beside the old man, mesmerized now for some reason. After awhile I could see something else in the water, a small boy, I looked up and noticed that there wasn’t anyone but the old man and myself. I looked back and saw the little boy, he seemed to be smiling, but still I couldn’t make out the face, yet he as well seemed familiar. After awhile the lake seemed to come alive with images as if it was a television, I could see the scenery change behind the boy, he was in a playground now, he appeared to be leading a group of kids and shouting, fighting what appeared to be invisible enemies, he seemed happy. Another ripple and the scene changed again, the boy now was surrounded by family, they were all laughing and talking, the boy held a woman close, hugging her and smiling. The ripple came again. The Boy’s face was cold, he didn’t smile, he looked at the woman inside of a casket and looked up at the other woman who was holding his hands.


The boy seemed older, taller, he was talking to an older man and appeared to be watching TV. The boy hugged the older man and waved after awhile as if signifying he was leaving. The water rippled again slowly. The boy held a box of things, he lifted a wallet and a book from the box and hugged it, crying, he looked down. From behind the boy or from the water I could not tell something dark was coming. I could slowly make it out,it appeared to be within the water yet it also seemed to be a part of what I was seeing. A snake rose to the surface and circled around the boy. The snake was black, with pitch black eyes. the water started to get darker everywhere except from where the boy was. The snake stopped, it seemed to catch my gaze, it stuck its tongue out as if sniffing the air and sensing my fear and dove underwater again. I looked at the boy, the boy turned his head towards a dark figure that appeared beside him, he was nodding his head and then after awhile stopped and looked up, a sly grin crept up from the Boy’s face before the lake went completely black.

I looked up at the old man, his gaze still clenched at the reflection I no longer could see. I decided I would break his gaze at least and looked down to see a rock beside my feet. I bent down, picking it and and getting ready to throw it in the water. The old man spoke, “Look David.”, it sounded even more ominous than before and I looked again at the reflection that now seemed to appear.

The boy was no longer a boy, he was a young man, seemed to be in his teens. Something about him seemed off yet i couldn’t clearly see who he was, yet again, I felt like I knew who that was but I couldn’t figure it out. The young man seemed cold, he had no expressions on his face as if he was robot. He carried a binder in his hand with weird symbols and on his left arm were weird markings. I saw the scenes change and the young man was now in front of a group of other teens, they seems to be doing graffiti and I could tell the young man was smoking something as he has it lit up in his mouth while holding a bottle of something and a spray can in the other. Every time the young man smiled and looked around I could feel a cold shiver down my spine.


I could see now what appeared to be the young man sitting on a car, he didn’t have that cold expression anymore, only sadness, he seemed to be looking up at something, then closing his eyes, tears rolled down as his lips were moving as if he was speaking. Ripples started again but this time it seemed more intense, the water started to clear up and I could see the snake again rising from the water. It looked at me as its head finally came out. The scene changed around the snake, passing as flashes, watching the young man grow into a man, finishing what appeared to be high school, passing nights with friends, crying alone as if heartbreaks, and jumping to seeing someone I could clearly make out. It was her. I couldn’t believe it, within the reflection of the water, the woman I loved, my girlfriend, why was she there? I saw her smile and could see the man go to hug her as she came through a door, i saw him hug her outside a movie theater. Ripples again as I now saw the snake advancing towards me. I saw the man, smiling again like he did as the boy, he looked up and pointed to what appeared to be the snake. The old man yelled, “Now David!!!!!”, without realizing it I gripped the rock I still held in hand. The snake slithered ferociously towards me, I slammed the rock at his head. It didn’t have time to lurch itself at me, I seemed to move on my own.

I looked up at the old man, I could start making out why he looked so familiar. I looked at the reflection on the lake as well, it was me… I tried to speak, the old man looked up at me, smiled and started walking away. “Wait, what just happened.” I yelled out still stunned as I also noticed the snake turned to a black ooze that washed away from the ripples the lake now made. “Always follow the light David, no matter how lost you think you are, no matter how dark the road may be, we lose our path at times, but it doesn’t mean we can’t be found, always follow the light, let your heart reveal who you are, and let the truth set you free.”, the old man was speaking as he made his way to the forest, stopping by a tree. “Learn to reflect what you’ve been through to remind you what you’ve been through, though you have seen the darkness you are no longer a part of it, the light is always by your side, remember that. Learn to reflect what you have now as well, it is a blessing. Reflect not only in what is within but learn to reflect that is true, that is love, out. We can see it all within our reflection and so can the world. Take care David….” The old man walked away, disappearing into the forest.

I looked at the lake, I could see my reflection now upon the water. I smiled. I remember, I remember who I am, what I’ve been through, my beliefs, my love, everything. I looked up at the moon and then back from where I came from, I saw a light in the distance through the trees. I stated making my way there. As few minutes flew by I noticed I arrived at the road where my car broke down, “that’s not right I thought.”. There was a tow truck next to my car,” hey you buddy, your car mess up on you?”, a man in his late 40s called out to me as I came out of the forest. “Yes, sir!”, I rushed to greet him, still trying to figure out what transpired moments before. “Can I get a lift to the city, once there I can pull some money out an ATM and pay you.”, I was relieved. “Sure, hop in.” The guy waved at me to get inside as he set my car up to take it with us.

As we drove closer to the city my thoughts raced of what occurred, I told the guy I was lost for a couple of hours and that I came a cross a lake, to my amazement he told me there wasn’t a lake for miles it was all forest stretching out, that I would have had to walk for days for at, he thought I was nuts. I don’t know what I experienced but e message was clear to me. I smiled. I looked at the time in the truck, 12:00am, I chuckled. The guy looked at me funny and pulled out a cigarette and lit it up. I rolled down my window and felt the air brush against my face. I could see the city as we got closer, the lights illuminating the night sky. I looked at the moon . . . . always follow the light. I looked at my phone in my hand as it was charging, it was just turning on and I could feel the vibrations of all the messages and notifications of missed calls from my girlfriend, “oh boy, I’m dead” I dialed her number and could hear it ring. “Hey babe, sorry….” She interrupted me going on a rant how I was ignoring her. I could see myself smiling in the reflection of the side mirror it was another moment I understood my reflection……