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Everyone wants to be “okay”. What does that even mean? People come up to you saying that everything will be. When things don’t go your way or continue spiraling down, all you hear is people saying, “I’ll be there for you” or “I’ll say a prayer for you”. Well, everything may not be okay and

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Being in a Relationship

Oh, boy! Now, before anyone runs for the hills I just wanted to give my experience about the topic at hand. Relationships. We all have experienced it one way or the other. Some of us are still searching for our “perfect” person. But I noticed a lot of things that seem to be “wrong” with

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As Told In The Night

A brief entry to something I am writing, short stories of the tales we hardly hear about, plague us, cause us uncertainty, what it means to be human: Wretched souls bearing waste to paradise. Caught in perilous ventures that are filled with their emotions. What ails these frail beings filled with blood and weak bones?

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